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The Record of the Nephites
                Record of the Nephites (complete book)

                          I Nephi                     II Nephi

                          Jacob                       Enos

                          Jarom                      Omni

                          Mormon                   Mosiah

                          Alma                         Helaman

                          III Nephi                   IV Nephi

                          Mormon                   Ether


Record of the Nephites Index
The Record of the Nephites is a record of the former inhabitants of North and Central
America.  This book was revealed and translated by the gift and power of God; the
year 1829 marked the beginning of the restoration of all things.  It is a history of the
people who once lived in the region of Central America some of whom are ancestors
of the American Indians.  Though it contains a record of two other groups of people
who once lived here, it is for the most part a record of the people of Nephi.  

An Address to all Believers in Christ    
               The Meaning of Our Seal
The Quorum of Twelve recognizes the teaching and wording found in the Bible (Authorized
King James Version), The Record of the Nephites, and
The Word of the Lord: Brought to
Mankind by an Angel, as our rule and guide as the stable wording of God.