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  Message 129

On June 12, 2020, I had laid my head down to rest a bit in the afternoon; when the Messenger of the Lord touched my right shoulder and startled me, saying Awaken! He wore the same robe he had worn all along, His entire being had a glow about him and he handed me a tablet and a pen commanding me to write.
He paused several times allowing me to complete writing the words he had spoken. Correcting me when necessary. Several times my emotions overcame me as his spirit and words were so very strong. He would smile and allow me to gather myself, then continue to speak.
His eyes seemed to almost have a glow to them, looking into my very soul, and I could feel a deep joy within him as he delivered the Message unto me.
For a short time he spoke unto me words of encouragement and helping me to understand events transpiring in our nation. Those I have not written, as they were simply for my personal understanding and preparation. He was with me for just under an hour and the peace that filled my soul I cannot began to express.— Apostle Norman D. Lyles


1) Awaken! Arise and write the Message, which the Lord has given. He has sent me unto thee at this hour to speak unto His People, to bring forth light and understanding. I am the Elijah, the Prophet of the Highest, the Messenger of the Covenant, sent to bring a warning and an understanding unto mankind.
2) The cries of the people have risen from the earth as smoke unto the heavens. The Lord’s mercy and love reaches out this day unto His people as a healing balm to bring peace and understanding. The Lord knows those who have sought to make a bond and a commitment unto Him, and those who have rejected His Word and become an abomination in His sight.
3) See those who would call evil good and good evil. See those who magnify themselves as righteous and the righteous as evil. See those who justify darkness as a cover for their evil deeds, allowing themselves to be portrayed as men of character, while walking in the darkness at noonday.
4) Behold! You have witnessed the fulfillment of the Prophecies I have sent through my Messenger unto you. I brought you a warning from the Lord in 1932, again in 1939,again in 1968, and again this year 2020. Have ye turned a deaf ear unto that which is ahead? Have you turned a listening ear and a willing spirit of obedience to heed and obey the instructions the Lord has sent? Choose this day the Lord.
5) Thus saith the Lord, ‘I have heard your suffering and your cries in anguish of your souls and have reached out my hand unto you with words of enlightenment and encouragement. Let those with ears to hear and hearts to receive, lift up your hearts and hands and walk upright before the lord, obeying His Word and seeking repentance.’
6) The Lord has sent a warning unto the Churches that the tribulation of the Church has long been since the coming of the white horse spoken of in Revelation, whose coming with a bow was to conquer and this continues today. Once the seal has been broken, the horror of it shall be upon the earth until Christ returns and defeats the devil.
7) Even in the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message today, which the Lord is restoring upon the earth today; you witness those who have sought to bring tribulation upon the faithful and have sought to divide and cause division to harm the innocent, and those who have chosen to follow the words today from the throne of God, sent through His Messenger.
8) When you witness these things the Lord has told you to rejoice as His Second coming is near at hand.
9) Do not say the Lord has not spoken, for He has spoken and He shall speak even greater and more severe, for the wicked shall be exposed and suffer and those who are following the Lord shall witness His Power and Peace as He provides guidance and safety unto them.
10) Fear not man who is not filled with humility and truth, and
fighting against my coming and the Lord’s Plans, as all such know nothing of the meaning of the Scriptures.
11) Mankind must live by every word that proceedeth from the throne of God. God is the creator and judge of all things and that which He hath proclaimed shall happen, and none can deny it or prevent it.
12) Soon a way shall open and once again for those called to move to Nova Scotia and the Lord shall give unto them power from on high. He shall put His Words and His Will in their minds and in their mouths and they shall proclaim His Word with power. The time is at hand that mankind must be warned the world prepared. Satan knows his time is short and in desperation he shall strive to disrupt and discourage the work of the Lord, however Satan also knows that Christ is the Lord God who cast him from heaven and he has no power against the Lord. Mankind must understand that in as much as they walk in the Lord and are obedient unto His commandments; that Satan has no power over them.
13) Soon also will the way open in Europe for the brothers to continue their journey. The Lord will not forsake them and He shall be with them in great power and understanding to fill the people in Europe with hope and salvation. They will carry the Word to England and those whom they lay hands on in England shall gain in strength, understanding and go forth from their homes to enlighten and give hope to that nation.
14) Turn ye today and discern them that be the Lord’s and them that serve Him not. They that serve Him shall have the right to the Tree of Life.
15) Nations shall know that I have been sent of God. I am the Prophet of the Highest, sent to bring His Message, and I will be with Christ as He returns to earth.
16) The pale horse who has been let upon the earth: his purpose is to shake and awaken. If the Lord had not allowed it, he could not have come forth. His destruction, although it is indeed horrible; is allowed because of man’s unfaithfulness unto the Lord and mankind feeling they are equal unto the Lord.
17) Read again the words I brought to Otto Fetting in the third message, for therein the Lord has foreshadowed the Church that is in the world today. His instructions then are as relevant today, as when He gave them to Otto Fetting.
18) The Lord will send many of you His Authority. He that will be humble and obedient unto the Word today, shall be counted among
those faithful and worthy. Let humility be your mantle, and your strength be found not of yourself and your knowledge, rather in the Lord Jesus Christ.
19) The Lord’s ministry must labor with all men in love, not seeking to condemn any regardless of their lack of understanding, rather seek to save to the uttermost. The Lord would have that none would be lost. He came that the sinner would be saved and the lost would find refuge in His Word and in His Love.
20) The Lord has witnessed a need within the office of Bishop and therefore has called Willie Coffey to join with those presently laboring in this calling. The Lord has seen his humility and his faith and will stand him up to help the people and strengthen his fellow laborers in the Bishop’s office. Let them show forth humility and Unity for all to witness. Let it be said see how they love one another and even seek the lost sheep.
21) It is the Lord’s Will and Plan that while there is yet time, He send forth the two Apostles unto the world to fulfill His Plan and Authority. Indeed the time is short before the folding in of the Great Tribulation and in spite of the great dangers that are present, the Lord shall send His angels before these men as they labor at His Direction and in His Time at His Instruction. The Lord has prepared their hearts and their souls and His Power shall be upon them. It is the Lord’s Will Apostle Norman D. Lyles and Apostle Larry Gosier Williams move unto the Philippines, India, Africa, and England early in 2021 to carry the Lord’s Word and provide necessary guidance, corrections, instructions, and bring forth understanding among the Churches in those nations.
22) As these two apostles go forth they are to ordain Disciple Jai Singh to the office of Bishop, that India may learn to govern their own financial affairs in conjunction with the Bishops in America and Africa. They will also ordain an apostle in India, which shall be named before their departure on this journey. There is much to be accomplished on the continent of Africa and in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi. The Brothers will require much help from Apostles Fred Mikangi and Peter Simiyu. Let them prepare their hearts, minds, and homes for the coming of the brothers the Lord is sending unto them.
23) There is much correction and teaching needful in India, and there is much to be understood. The work there is of great importance. Though life be difficult and conditions harsh, the Lord loves these who labor where poverty and trials abound.
24) The Lord is greatly pleased with the work of His Disciple Abraham in India and shall provide him with strength and encouragement, and shall overshadow his family with love.
25) The Lord looks with honor and blessings to Disciple Manfred Marks, who has labored long and faithfully in Germany.
26) Indeed the Lord knows the trials and efforts of His Apostle Beck in Germany. Let him be encouraged and uplifted for all his efforts have not gone unnoticed.
27) Where is the obedience to the Lord’s commandment to build locals in this nation of America? Let the Bishops who are entrusted to care for the needs of the people, awaken and lead by example to help build up locals in this nation. Be ye not slothful in this time, wherein the Lord has shaken this nation with Virus and chaos among her people. This a time of leadership, wherein the work of the Bishops must be demonstrated by faithfulness, courage, and sacrifice, bringing the gospel unto the people. Let those whom I have called and given this responsibility be about their calling and purpose; in caring for the needs of the people: let those who are called uplift and provide an effort to build up locals in this nation.
28) This is a time and hour of the Lord’s Power and Plan springing forth. You witness the trials, the suffering, the desperation of a nation divided because of the acts of Satan; yet before you stands an opportunity to reach out to the people who are desperate for answers and a way. Now is the time to bring forth the Gospel of Christ and demonstrate his love among the people. Behold the harvest is ripe.
29) You are witnessing the vials being poured out upon your nation and those nations throughout the world. You are witnessing prophesy being fulfilled in this, the closing of time. None can deny that the Lord is shaking the world today to awaken and warn the people. I have given you hope in the Words from Christ in His Message this day.
30) I have given you the answers directly from the Lord’s Throne. There are none who can deny the Lord has spoken and will yet speak greater and more severe. Awaken! Be up and obey the Word the Lord has sent unto mankind: His Word to heal, to build up and to provide a place of safety and salvation.
31) I have come at the Lord’s direction, in the Lord’s time. I have not come of myself. I bring forth the Word of the Lord unto mankind to prepare the bride, to prepare the Church, that none would be lost.
32) Let all men within the Church be at peace one with another. Let not jealousy and conflict be among you. Seek to labor in Unity and in the Strength of the Lord.
33) When you come to the Assembly, come with humility praising and giving honor to the Lord. Prepare your hearts even now for the coming Assembly. Come and be filled with the love of Christ and rejoicing in the healing of our Lord.
34) Let Apostle Timothy Gosier understand the Lord knows his heart and shall bring forth peace and understanding unto him. Let him be uplifted and encouraged. Let him provide light and peace to many.
35) The Lord is pleased with the efforts of the Disciples and Vice Bishops in Africa. He knows your trials and your suffering. He will bring peace to Africa, least you forget the Lord has placed His angels about you and will provide protection in as much as you walk in humility with Him. The Lord is pleased with the handmaidens in the world who remain faithful and humble in His sight. Let the MDZ in Africa be encouraged and uplifted. Continue in that continent, and with the efforts to guide and teach the youth.
36) The Work of Vice Bishop Albert Sudi has been recorded in heaven and his reward in heaven is secure and of great honor. His race has been run and recorded in heaven.
37) In nothing be terrified of the adversaries and always confident that the grace and good works that the Lord has performed shall keep thee in His Bonds and in His Hands until He returns.
38) The Lord will not forget His promises unto His people and He will hide them in the cleft of His Rock from the destruction and horror that is coming upon the world. Let all be at peace and let all seek the face of the Lord Jesus Christ as He has spoken unto you and will send His Messenger again as there is a need and until the work of the Restoration be finished. Peace and the joy of the Lord be unto all. Amen.

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