The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Tenth Message

The Messenger came to me for the tenth time at 2:05 a.m., on March 23, 1929, and was with me for twenty-five minutes,
and this is what he said:

1 “I have come to you again that I might instruct you, for this purpose have I been sent, inasmuch as you have
met that you might inquire of God as to the plans and pattern that shall be given to you, I shall come from time
to time to give you such instructions as you shall stand in need of.

2 The building that you have staked is set ten feet too far to the east and if you will move the stakes then it shall
stand upon the place that has been pointed out by the finger of God. Let the pillars go to the rock and the
columns be three feet through and those that are on the side shall be cut in two; but let the pillars go to the
rock. Let there be twelve windows on the north and twelve windows on the south, and let there be a division at
the top and tied with steel that the walls may be strong for storms shall come that shall test the workmanship
that you shall do.

3 Fear not, for the Lord has yet reserved unto himself men that shall help in the construction and the erection of
this building, that shall be a glory to God. Many hearts shall be touched; many lives shall be blessed, because
the Lord shall direct and his Spirit shall draw and mellow the heart.

4 Let the building be tied with steel at the dividing of the inner court which shall be sixty-five feet from north to
south, and fifty-five feet from east to west. Let there be an archway between the outer and the inner court, the
details of which I will give you later because I will come from time to time to direct in this work. But remember,
the work which you are engaged in, which shall be required at you hands, is sacred before God and must be
sacred with you. As you shall meet from time to time, draw you minds in from the things of the world that you
might be spiritually minded, for jesting and levity rob you of the Spirit and light that you shall stand in need of
from time to time.

5 Let there be a steel beam running from east to west over the columns that it might strengthen the cornice,
and that the building might be securely tied, for many of the storms shall come from the southwest. Let the
pillars and the columns come from the rock that shall go to the roof in the dividing of the inner and the outer
court, and let there be a wall of concrete and steel divide the basement at the same place. Let there also be a
concrete wall to the west on each side of the boiler room that there be no chance of fire, for, behold, this
building shall be fireproof.

6 The Lord has given you seven years to complete this building, and I will give you the plans from time to time
as you shall stand in need. Be not slothful in carrying out that which I have given you. Seek to be humble
because trying times will come. I will come again to instruct you from time to time. Amen.”

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