The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundredth Message

I retired about nine p.m. the evening of October 13, 1981. At about eleven p.m. I was awakened. I felt the Spirit of the Lord
in great measure.

I arose quickly and slipped on my day clothing. I sat there on my bed. Soon I laid down and fell asleep.

After midnight beginning October 14, 1981, I was awakened again—I noticed the house was lit up brighter than at noonday.
I quickly hurried to the kitchen table where I had paper and pencil. There sat the Messenger, as though he was waiting for

He began to speak. I wrote the message as he gave it. The following are the words he spoke. I hope and pray all who read
these lines will have the witness of God’s Spirit.

1 “Behold, write the message I shall give to you. I come with a message as the need may be. I come from the
presence of the Lord.

2 I am the Elias that is for to come as the scriptures say. I am John the Baptist.

3 The world in its changes is fast folding in pace for wars and destructions; yet planning for peace.

4 Satan is at hand in the minds of many everywhere to bring havoc and trouble.

5 Will mankind believe and know there is a way of deliverance?

6 Changes will come. Let those whose days of service times have been spent in faith and good works, when
not able to function—their strength has been used for good—let these retire with honor: E. L. Stone and L.

7 Let the work move onward and the Church image not falter.

8 Let there be added also to the apostles, Oren W. Frazelle; and to the bishops, Hans H. Hansen and James
Parker as the vacancies occur.

9 Let those that will not come to doctrine be removed from this authority and trust.

10 Let Leonard H. Draves remain in the recording work.

11 Let James W. Savage and Seth L. Fife continue their work in caring and aiding in Africa and India. The Lord
will give them strength and open the ways before them as they go there to help.

12 As the need comes, let there be help in the headquarter office.

13 Let the work continue of placing The Word of the Lord in libraries—that it may be available when it is known
abroad of my coming with the message to mankind of Christ’s soon coming to claim his saints and set up his
Kingdom on earth in its fullness.

14 Publish peace and the way of the Lord.

15 The hearts of many wax cold because iniquity aboundeth. Let it not be so with you.

16 Give this message to the brethren, the Church, and abide thereby.

17 I leave peace with you and to all that hear my message.

18 I will come again. Amen.”

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