The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred First Message

This, the year of our Lord, March 11, 1983, on arriving at my work earlier than usual, I did my work to begin the day. Great
joy came in my heart and suddenly by my side, the Messenger of the Lord appeared.

Around and by me was paper and proper conditions. He began to speak. Quickly I sat at the table and wrote the words as
he spoke them. Slowly and distinctly—repeating when necessary, so as for me to write properly and exactly as he spoke.

I pray that all mankind will pray, learn and know the angel truly comes with The Word of the Lord!

His presence was very comforting. He was with me from 7:05 to 8:15 a.m.

1 “Behold! I come to you with a message at this time as the need opens before the Church.

2 There has been many prayers to the Lord that he direct the work by my coming.

3 Let all labor in love, be harsh with no one.

4 The Lord loves and blesses the humble and honest ones that take not honor to themselves.

5 He has spoken. He has sent me to speak his words and will. They shall not return unto him void.

6 I am the resurrected John the Baptist. I am the Elias, to come. I am he that Christ spoke of and I come to do
his will.

7 Let repentance and faith be taught and remission of sins through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, with
authoritative baptisms I bring.

8 The work may move slowly. The young and old will be awakened to this greater light.

9 Praise the Lord for his works and plan of redemption, salvation and deliverance.

10 Defend the words I bring. Let not the holy rites be hindered. Hold high the standard and the words and work
I bring.

11 As you prepare for it, greater peace and power will come to all those that look for it: the assured way of
salvation and deliverance. All else will not save you.

12 It must be the Christ Jesus, his teachings, his words, for salvation only comes by him.

13 The Lord has reserved and preserved many that know his voice and their calling when they hear of the
words I bring.

14 There are those that preach this word, and stand with you all the way; thus the work moves on in the Lord’s

15 Be strong, be firm, let the truth be heard everywhere. Declare among the people the Lord’s doings.

16 Keep sacred the authority and trust—the holy priesthood after the order of the Son of God—that is restored
to mankind. You that obey my instructions and touch of my hands, established anew amongst you, bring others
into this work.

17 Worry not over those that fail to grasp the depth of this work. They hear not the scriptures that foretells the
plan of God.

18 How good and great of vessels of honor some could be; but they would not because of pride and love for
favor of men, and conditions in their hearts and homes. The works of Satan to play havoc and trouble—even in
the world of sin.

19 Again I say: Let the work continue of placing The Word of the Lord book in libraries, that it may be available
when it is known abroad of my coming with the message to mankind of Christ’s Church and his soon coming
to claim his saints and set up his Kingdom on earth in its fullness.

20 Publish peace and the way of the Lord, helping the work in all places.

21 The image of the Church is established. Let it not slip from you—nor falter in steadiness. Let all work
together—your brethren will uphold you. Keep the hands of justice and the standard of truth firm.

22 Let the quorum of apostles be filled. The Lord has preserved Alfred Beyeler. Set him apart as an evangelist,
and in this apostleship to carry the work in his nation, France, and others near and far, when and where the
way opens. Ordain him an elder, moreover an apostle.

23 Let these be added to the elders, moreover evangelists: Wolfgang Trambowsky, Luzian Normann
Kuehulein, Joseph Burke, David Glass and Richard Massman; and to the elders: Manfred Marks, Norbert
Schorf, Herman Block and Michael Wolf. If these men will teach fully this doctrine of the pure gospel of Christ
Jesus, they shall be a blessing to many.

24 Let L. M. Thornton know the Lord has prepared him to go to Europe to help and set up the work where the
way opens.

25 A great blessing is upon Apostle Martin Huonker, the seed he has sown and will yet sow—bringing forth
great results, let him continue. His strength is of the Lord. Peace be upon him and his work.

26 I leave peace with you and the Church. I am your fellow servant. Amen.”

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