The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Second Message

At about 5:30 a.m., Friday, April 5, 1985, I felt greatly impressed to go over to the church and begin letter writing, as I had
several people on my mind to whom I owed letters. I had just finished a letter and placed it in an envelope, when I felt the
presence of the Lord’s Spirit in great measure. I was praying and thanking the Lord for his Great Spirit and blessings we all
had felt and experienced.

Suddenly I looked up and the Messenger was walking towards me from the outer office. I knew he was bringing a message.

My paper being before me, I was prepared to write, should he speak. He began speaking firmly, a strong voice, the power
and light was with him.

What joy, what peace, what serene ecstasy filled my being. He touched me on the left shoulder and proceeded past to
move a chair to sit in while he spoke. This all happened in less time than it takes to tell it. He spoke firmly and slowly as I
wrote every word. I hope all who read these words will pray and learn from God his great working plan. He was with me
over two hours.

Following is the message.

1 “Behold. Observe and write the message I will give to you.

2 The Lord has sent me for this great need. Many hearts are sad because of the deceiving work of Satan and
manmade doctrines with no saving power.

3 Many have prayed to God that I would come with words of instructions from the Lord God, directing in their
lives and in the Lord’s work.

4 I am your fellow servant. I am John the Baptist. I am resurrected.

5 I gave the revelation and the vision of the churches to John the Beloved in his day. In its fulfillment, you will
see much has passed and much more to come.

6 The Church and work of the Lord is established and set in pace. Keep the vigilance. It will be well with all that
follow this way.

7 Shape your lives and works by the words I bring, have brought and will yet bring.

8 Redemption and salvation cometh of the Lord, it is Christ’s words that will save to the uttermost.

9 Let all that come this way be repentant and very humble, not ridiculing nor boisterous, but filled with love and
peace. Let humility be your cloak and mantle.

10 If mankind seeketh to be of service to God, let him come this way. Suffer it to be so—receive this authority
and the Lord will multiply their good works.

11 Knowledge cometh from study of the Books and grace from much prayer, salvation by obedience,
deliverance by endurance.

12 Swing wide the gates, step forth and the way will open.

13 See those that have lost the way, the Spirit of the Lord has been pressed out of their lives. Empty vessels,
soon their works will fade away and their efforts come to a sad end.

14 Let the work continue everywhere in the foreign fields where it can be established. Rejoice and be glad for it
is the Lord’s will. It will yet grow and multiply greatly—adjust to the multitudes.

15 Continue to spread to all nations among the Colored in love and justice. Peace will follow and all will be
well, let it be the Lord’s will and not the ways of man.

16 This is the assured way!

17 Mankind cannot build himself to be the power of God.

18 Prove all things by the words of truth in the Bible, Record of the Nephites, and The Word of the Lord. All this
is established for mankind, the guidelines of hope and deliverance. Man’s idealisms shall come to naught.

19 Much sorrow and distress with perplexity will come, striking those that hear not the gospel of life, truth and

20 Zion shall not be moved from her place nor the temple from the spot pointed out by the hand and voice of

21 Restore and preserve all that will repent and fold into this way. If humility is their mantle and their cloak of
walking this way in sobriety, let them follow my instructions and the Lord’s commands, he will deliver.

22 Teach not the foolishness, the vanities of man. Some build on manmade doctrines and in time destroy
themselves; spreading doubt and destruction along the way. Repent—come clean from the powers of
falsehood and deceit, it will not save you. It is fallacy, not security. Let all come to the acceptable way of the Lord.

23 Do not be moved by the necessary evils of the waster, the false teachings of the past of many false
doctrines—weird and twisted teachings. Even yet some err in all such.

24 This Record is for all nations, even the lost tribes of Israel and all the world, all the nations of the earth.

25 The day comes when it will not be said: Israel or Gentiles, but the people of the Lord and them that serve
him not.

26 I am the servant of the household; I am your fellow servant, the Elias, ‘That Prophet.’ I speak the Lord’s will
and words.

27 Christ was lifted up that all mankind will be drawn unto him—even the Father which is the power of God
unto salvation.

28 The Lord feels after many that are Bible students, leading to all the scriptures for the salvation of mankind
as the Holy Spirit speaketh by the angel of God.

29 Worry not about what is said against you by the unlearned and haughty or highminded; they destroy

30 At this time that the apostle quorum be filled, let Larry Gosier Williams be set apart as an apostle to fill the
vacancy. Let him prepare fully to go to Africa and help in the work there, for awhile and return.

31 And as other vacancies come in the quorum of apostles, let him ordain and set an apostle on each side of
the great continent of Africa: James Nabende on the east and Godwin M. Inyang on the west.

32 Let them be the overseers and watchcare over twelve disciples on either side as the need grows and men
are prepared. Let them establish headquarters on each side—keeping records and in concurrence and
conjunction with the records here. Let them keep records and issue certificates there and copies sent here;
establish the remnant among them.

33 In time, other vacancies will come.

34 There are those the Lord is leading this way. Save all that will hear the message I bring from the Lord, that
will heed and obey.

35 Let none take part in this work until they come in by the door, the baptism in water and the laying on of
hands for the gift and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

36 There are many who will accept the message the Lord has sent and the instructions I have brought to you,
for the Lord will send his Spirit that will touch the hearts of mankind.

37 The Spirit the Lord will give to his servants will bring peace to many.

38 Behold, the day is nigh and at hand, when the prophecies of old are being fulfilled. Nations shall yet be
brought down, and lo, a mighty cry shall come from them that fall.

39 The hearts of mankind must be turned to their Maker, the Creator of all, even the Lord Christ.

40 The Church is set in pace, let all be up and doing. The vision has been uncovered. My words are plain and
faithfully given for mankind to find salvation, hope and deliverance.

41 Let restoration be among those that are humble and repentant and will obey the true doctrine of the Church
and of the message of the faithful brethren, keeping the holy rites sacred.

42 This is the land where freedom is found and help in the way of Zion, the center of world deliverance in
justice and truth. There shall be deliverance in Mount Zion and Jerusalem and the remnant whom God shall

43 Let there be two of the bishops in Africa to fill vacancies. Let Fanuel Andango, Michael U. Johnson be added
to the bishop’s office. They shall work with the brethren here and there for the needs among their nations. Use
wisdom in all their planning and assiduously choosing in filling their needs.

44 Let Eddie Lee show his humility that he may prepare to fill a vacancy in the bishops when it cometh. Let love
be shown and the work move on in the peace of this work, in the Lord’s way.

45 Let Larry Paul Crow, David White, Harold James, Andrew Holden, Alan Wade Crownover, Milton Fife, Tom
Powell and Peter Modica take up the work as elders in this work. More will be called that the needs be filled for
laborers in the field.

46 Let Terry Weaver with those the Lord will give to help, establish the work in Florida.

47 The way of truth will make you free—in obedience to the end.

48 Soon the work will be established in Australia—there is a call for help there now.

49 Many honest hearts are seeking for this final message and fulfilling of scriptures; take to them the way of life.

50 Let the work of translating and spreading the word everywhere continue. The Lord will bless all that help in
this way, even in foreign fields.

51 Publish this message with the rest and place in the book, The Word of the Lord.

52 I speak that all Christendom may flow together and abide by the Bible revealing great truths; the coming
forth of The Record of the Nephites; the book: The Word of the Lord; behold the books that will lead all mankind
to eternal hope and salvation, deliverance in the Lord.

53 Yea! The Lord has used many that are truly humble to preach Christ, and the hope he provides for salvation,
preserving mankind—deliverance from the fall that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.

54 Eternity has place for all that look to the Lord and view him as their Savior, Lord and King.

55 They that are for us are greater than they that be against us.

56 Fret not, for many will see this way and come unto the full plan of God.

57 I leave peace with you and strength to bear the way. Peace to the brethren, the faithful, the Church of Christ
with the message I bring. Peace upon all.

58 The way shall be one holy priesthood and that after the order of God, after the order of Jesus the Christ, the
Son of man. Therefore keep it sacred in its holy rites.

59 Let the teachers and deacons be ordained as elders; there are many functions of duties but one plan of
authority. See that all preach and teach the same things in the precious way of love in haste.

60 I will come again until the work is finished. I am the Elias. Amen.”

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