The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Fourth Message

I had gone over to the church to finish some work when the Messenger appeared and spoke. It was about 5:35 a.m., May
23, 1989. He gave me this message. I had my paper and pencil ready as for many days I have heard many praying for the
return of the Messenger to direct the work so I was ready.

He was clothed in the same robe and the light of the resurrected filled the room. I made no light to see to write. He spoke
with power as one having authority. He was with me over an hour. I sat and read the message over, prayed and pondered
awhile, made a phone call and it was 7:00 a.m. Following are his words.

1 “Behold! Hearken and write the words I will give you. I bring peace and a message of hope, to all that accept
my coming, with authority I bring from the Lord. Deliverance is found only in the teachings of Christ. Only
through his atoning blood can mankind find remission of sins through obedience to the gospel.

2 I come from the Lord’s presence to fulfill the words of the prophets.

3 I am that prophet spoken of, the prophet of the Highest. I am the elect one, the Messenger sent of the Lord.

4 The planning and covenant of God shall have its fulfillment. The gospel of the Kingdom of God shall roll forth
until it fills the earth. Shape your lives by the words of life, in God’s holy plan.

5 Hear the loud voice of God. Hear the still small voice. Oh! You people of the earth. Come out of the ways of
the world, the voice of God saith, ‘Come all the way.’

6 Through faith, repentance and the baptisms, the deliverance will be upon you.

7 Be no more oppressed and the Lord will bring you through to the truth and work of my coming.

8 It is good to know the scriptures and learn the fulfilling of all things.

9 You see the move of time, closing of conditions in the world. Israel being established in her land, her
cleansing taking place, and Zion, the Americas, she also shall be cleansed.

10 Many of the world will be destroyed, because of sin—the evil is a destroyer. Come out of the world and its
ways of discord.

11 The youth of many nations desire peace and a Godly way of life. The spirit of good everywhere is working to
destroy the adversary.

12 Look to the gospel and the faith of those that teach truth. Build yourselves into the scriptures in proof of my
coming and my words which I have brought, will bring; and this way of authority.

13 Some will build which the Lord has not commanded and their works will crumble and fail.

14 Thus saith the Lord: ‘I am the Lord that stayed the hand of Abraham with the sword in his test of faith,
obedience and trust. Descendants of his seed today will see the hand and power of God move. The adversary’
s powers shall be destroyed in the end.’

15 The revelation of John is being unfolded in the eyes of all nations.

16 There are those the Lord has taken to their reward. Their work on earth has brought forth fruit and will

17 Those that can not function in this work, their service being ended, let them be released of their
responsibility and trust. Let the authority be upon those that can work in this cause.

18 Wherefore you may also have hope, and be partakers of the gift if ye will have faith. God has prepared a
more excellent way and it is by faith that it has been fulfilled.

19 Let those of the twelve who can arrange to go—plan the work in foreign fields.

20 It is good that Paul Douglas Savage continue as pastor of the flock here at this time. Let all help in this work.
Let love and kindness prevail.

21 Let these be added to the elders: Jim Bolan, Terry Laws, Phillip Lopez, Edward Coffey, and Dennis M.

22 This is a great work, and coming to the last days, the time of the end, when the mysteries of the prophecies
will be unfolded and understood.

23 Let the message be published every way possible.

24 Names in the past that have not and or will not accept their calling, let their names be removed, lest the
enemy make light of the Lord’s work.

25 Satan has great power and has ruined the lives of many.

26 Let all awaken to their calling and help more in this work, attending services, worship and working among
the people.

27 It is good that Dale S. Milne come to Independence to help in the work, now, let him keep tidy the house of
the Lord. Let him be appointed the Church historian.

28 As the vacancy comes in the bishop’s quorum, let Jim Sorgen prepare for the office work, love and justice
continue to prevail.

29 That the apostles quorum may again be filled in the bishopric of the Church, now, and as other vacancies
come: Norman Lyles, Dale S. Milne, George Wilkin, James E. Parker, and Jim Bolan.

30 There are many, many, many that will help in the building of the temple of the Lord, if it were not for the
unbelief, doubt, bitterness and selfishness, among those that claim to love the Lord.

31 Some have sought to be great in the work of the Lord and have stood in the way. Leave the bitterness
depart—come together in peace. The directions will come from the Lord.

32 This is my mission to bring the plans and directions to those appointed to inquire—that the will of the Lord
be done according to his plan.

33 Much shaking and destructions, the death of many taken to the beyonds, their lives’ work wasted because
of their unbelief.

34 God in his power will have his way. The evil will not hinder when the Lord moves to do his work.

35 I have spoken, it is the Lord’s will I have given. Blessings of healing and deliverance will come to all that
heed and obey.

36 I will come again as the need be. I leave peace with you and the Church. Glory to his name.

37 I am John the Baptist. I am a resurrected being to do my calling. Amen.”

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