The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Sixth Message

The morning of November 25, 1989, I awoke at 4:30 a.m. I got out of bed, dressed, and was sitting in the front room when
the door opened and in walked the angel Messenger of the Lord. The light that accompanied him filled the whole house,
brighter than at noonday. He took me by my right hand as he had times before, saying: “Take the message I will give you.”

I quickly stepped to the kitchen table where I had writing pads and a pencil. He sat in a chair facing me and began

He had on the same white robe and strong countenance as always before. He spoke plainly and with firmness, watching
and waiting as I wrote the words he spoke. Following is the message. He left about 6:30 a.m., the light remaining as I sat
reading over the message.

1 “Behold! I come from the Lord’s presence. Take the message I will give you.

2 Yea, take heed at this time, the need is great that I speak on this work and plans of the Lord. Write the words I

3 Many are praying to know the truth and the will of the Lord. The authority and trust is upon you and your
brethren. Keep it sacred.

4 Let none destroy the plan nor the power or sacredness of the holy priesthood.

5 As was my coming anew to the remnant on the temple lot to the Lord’s servant, Otto Fetting, your fellow
servant and leader who was faithful in his day of work—yet blindness had befallen them; they sought not
further light nor direction, moreover closing their minds to my message which the Lord has sent me to bring for
the work in these latter days—yet they have preserved and kept sacred the holy spot pointed out by the voice,
eye and finger of the Lord—this is their blessing.

6 Now hear ye this message and be firmly established in obedience to the commandment of this baptism I
bring to rid yourselves of sins and traditions of manmade doctrines wherein Satan has deceived and
befuddled the work of God.

7 Thus blindness has been in part. Now arise above it, bring it to pass of God’s great plan. Receive this
baptism. Build yourselves in the circle of the Lord. Will it come to pass?

8 Remember the Lord Jesus Christ is the truth, the way of life and salvation—deliverance from all sin. No other
way can mankind be saved in the life of the flesh, this life of probation only. Thus mankind chooses this day
what his destiny shall be in the hereafter—in the resurrection.

9 All that obey and defend this cause shall be the favored of the Lord. Try the Lord and see if he will open the
windows of heaven and make you a delightsome people—mighty in his strength.

10 He that hardeneth his heart receives the lesser portion of the word, but he that will not harden his heart, to
him is given the greater portion of the word and knowledge of the work in God’s plan, until it is given unto him
to know the mysteries of God, until he knoweth them in full.

11 Be not deceived nor tied down by the chains of the devil.

12 Can any justly say in your heart, you know nothing of my coming?

13 I am John the Baptist, a resurrected being, the Messenger of the Lord, the forerunner of the Christ, his
comings. I bring the Elias or Elijah Message spoken of by Christ and the prophets. I am the elect one, he to
give meat in due season, the Ancient of days, the Messenger of the Covenant, the promised one to come. I
speak the Lord’s will and proclaim the word again before the Christ shall come. I shall be with him when he
comes to claim his bride, the Church, his jewels. Let all mankind hear.

14 Behold, seek to please the Lord. Pray not in confusion, nor of a great noise, for God loveth serenity and
quiet calmity, words well-said, well-spoken from the heart. Who heareth a roaring noise? Can God hear?

15 He will not bless confusion neither will he hear same.

16 The need is great that I speak on this—swing wide the gate, let the Church grow. Let the work continue
everywhere. By his working Spirit great things will come to pass.

17 I bring the authority, the everlasting gospel. Heed it and the words of life and truth as taught in the Bible and
The Record of the Nephites with my words.

18 Those that know the scriptures wherein speaks of my coming, the prophet like unto Moses, and all who will
not hear me, that prophet, shall not be there when the Lord counts his jewels.

19 The law and the prophets spoke until I come—now I speak for the Lord, that the work and plans of God will
be carried through and accomplished and the holy sanctuary be made possible, the temple of the Lord.

20 Why is the rejection and contention of the Lord’s people? Will you accept this baptism I bring? Rid your
minds of the sins, traditions and doctrines of men.

21 Thus saith the Lord, ‘If you will hear and obey I will lift that which has befallen and will close up the breach
thereof. I will cleanse the ruins and it shall be built as in the days of old, even the temple of the Lord.

22 These are my people. They have kept sacred the special spot for the temple, the holy sanctuary of my
planning, saith the Lord.’

23 Choose a man who is no mocker, who is humble and of good report, to bring up the prints and plans from
the instructions I have brought and will bring.

24 Do not bring the wrath of God upon your failing. Your houses will be laid waste—your children void of
inheritance—if you come not into the will and circle of the Lord. Hear this message, obey this baptism, cleanse
your minds of bitterness, of separations, of divisions over doctrinal points. Learn the truth, the humble gospel

25 The Lord does not change his mind or plans, and is no respecter of persons. He will not forget his
promises, nor will he alter his standard or ways of values, but merciful and longsuffering. He would that none
ignore his laws forever. Yea, not even his chosen people—lo, the work is not yet finished. His message is valid
today as when it was first uttered.

26 Thus saith the Lord, ‘I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you, and you shall walk in my
statutes. I will put my laws in your minds. There shall be peace throughout the land of Zion, and Jerusalem,
and the remnant, whom I shall call my strongholds, deliverance will be there.’

27 The Lord hath power to do all things which is according to his word.

28 Bring forth repentance. Prepare the way of the Lord. Walk in his paths which are straight, for behold, the
Kingdom of God must come—awaken to his plan. Seek ye the extra oil in your lamps and vessels, your lives
and your work.

29 The Lord has waited long and now pleadeth to bring reconciliation and obedience to this way and it will be
well with you.

30 Let more be added to be in the fields of labor.

31 Let all labor diligently and great blessings will follow wherever you go. The Lord wills it, and speaks it. So
shall it be.

32 Lift high the standard and peace and power will be your portion.

33 Let there be added to the elders, moreover evangelists, and more as they come into this work. Before you
stands an open door, enter and receive this authority: Earl Smith, Ronald O’Brien, M. Green, John Brisson and
Thomas D. Schwartz.

34 Give this message to the Church and the brethren of the Temple Lot group, and to all Restoration. Hear the
call of God.

35 You that shall be spared and favored of the Lord, heed the words I bring. Be converted to this great assured
truth and the Lord will heal you.

36 I leave peace with you and will come again as the need may be. Amen!”

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