The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Seventh Message

The same messenger that has delivered the Word of the Lord in the past came with this message at 2:15 a.m., June 16,
1990, at my home in Independence, Missouri. He was with me over an hour.

1 “Behold! I come with a message from the Lord, that the work of the Church and of the Lord’s plan will move
onward. Many are praying for my coming, the Lord hears their plea. Now, I bring a message of peace and

2 The hearts that are humble will hear the call of God to be up and doing in this work of hope and salvation.
There is much to be accomplished.

3 The power of the adversary has enthroned his influence in the minds of many, ruining the lives of those that
will not learn truth and come to doctrine.

4 The Lord changes not and has been God from the beginning, shedding forth his Spirit as holy men in the
past have spoken when moved by his Holy Spirit. I am the prophet born from among the brethren like unto
Moses and I speak the words and will of God, the Lord Christ Jesus, Creator of the universe and all things that
are therein; even mankind that hear my words which the Lord putteth in my mouth.

5 Mankind creates stumbling blocks to satisfy their traditions—full well they know their traditions will come to
naught, making the word of God of none effect.

6 The Lord has chosen his scribe to bring the word to the people. Will mankind hear it?

7 Let the work continue everywhere and more help and more in service for this work. The Lord is with his
servant Lyles in Europe, thus calling those to help in this work of the Lord. As they prepare that come in this
way, the Lord has called them by his Spirit. Let these I shall give you be set apart as elders, moreover
evangelists, to carry the message of life to others in their nations and peoples, remembering it is through
Christ and his words whereby mankind shall be saved. Through his atoning blood and plan of redemption
shall mankind come into his presence.

8 Let all that come into this work be baptized of water under this authority I give and receive the laying on of
hands for the holy unction and power to do the work in this closing time; to bring in the reign of Christ on earth,
folding in the millennium the reign of peace, ere there cometh a new heaven and a new earth, when former
things will pass away and all things be made new in the eternities.

9 Let Hans Peter Baur be set apart as an elder and evangelist to labor among his people and establish the
work, let him hold together the others whom God shall call in those parts.

10 Likewise, let these be added when all come into this work. Let them work among their people and nations:
Rudi Hans Renshof in the Netherlands; Paul Musial of Poland; Olaf Hareng among his acquaintance; Norbert
Scharf where he can be of help; Wolfgang Flachsmeier whom the Lord has healed, let his testimony ring forth.

11 In Austria; Wolfgang Proksch, the Lord has a great work for him and will bless with great peace and much
assurance. He can accomplish much with the help of Horsh Richter, elder and evangelist in his area.

12 Let these prepare for the work: Stanislav Rybarzyk and Benjamin Trambowsy; others shall be called
likewise. Spread peace and deliverance everywhere and the Lord will bring all through.

13 Let there be peace in your gatherings and the weakness will turn to love and strength. Arise from lethargy.
Swing wide the gate. Let the Lord’s people come all the way to this plan of deliverance—receive a new heart
and abundance of God’s Spirit and deliverance will be made sure.

14 Take courage and boldness in this work. Peace I bring to you. Peace I leave with you and the brethren.
Publish peace everywhere. This is the assured way of deliverance. Amen.”