The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Eighth Message

I was awakened at 3:30 a.m. October 14, 1990, at my home in Independence, Missouri, U.S.A. I noticed the light that
accompanies the angel Messenger, the Elias, filled the house brighter than the noonday sun.

I quickly arose, went to the kitchen, there sat the Messenger of the Lord. He arose, took me by the right hand and sat me at
the table. He turned the paper tablet that I had on the table, so I could write.

He had begun to speak. He repeated so as for me to write the words of the message as he gave them.

I finished the message. He arose again, took me by my hand as he left. I followed him to the front door and I noticed the
yard was as light as day outside the front of the house.

I sat and read the message through feeling greatly blessed because of it for the church work. Also weakened very much.
Having spent last week in the hospital of illness, I decided not to call anyone this early in the morning for help on the
message at this moment, but went back to bed.

However, I felt to write this introduction before lying down. It was 5:39 a.m.

I worry about “adjust to the multitude,” when so few listen to this angel’s message, The Word of the Lord Brought to
Mankind by an Angel.

Bless us all precious Lord Jesus. This same angel has visited me at various intervals for the past 53 years and 10 days.

1 “Behold! Take the message I shall give you.

2 I come with a message of love and instruction. There are many that have prayed that I come and bring
instructions and directions for the Church and work at this time.

3 I am the Messenger sent from God. I am the resurrected John the Baptist. Though many of mankind do not
believe now, the day comes when they will inquire of my coming. I am the Elias that is for to come as the
scriptures foretell.

4 It was even revealed to Moses in his day and he discerned the future plan of the Lord God and spake saying,
a prophet like unto me, meaning himself. Also saying like unto Moses, again himself, born from among the
brethren, earthly parents.

5 The Lord God is Christ and he changes not. The Creator of all things.

6 It is mankind that has created stumbling blocks, failing to grasp the truth, and has ruined the lives of many.
Destroying the plan of God to make it one of none effect among men.

7 Know you this, the Lord Jesus Christ is Creator and never a prophet at any time. It is unlearned mankind that
speaketh otherwise. Full well they know their traditions will ease the flow with the doctrine of man, than to heed
the humble truth and true traditions.

8 Let mankind respect the Lord Christ, and honor him; his sacrifice on the cross and resurrection, bearing the
sins of all that will come unto him and receive deliverance and salvation.

9 There is no other way but to heed and obey his voice. I speak his will. I bring the message of life, speaking
his words and instructions. Hear, oh hear, all mankind.

10 These days are fulfilling the Elias coming, wherein I am he Jesus the Lord God spoke of.

11 The people perish for lack of knowledge to perform properly or progress rightly in the Lord.

12 When a man is at peace with God, even his enemies respect him.

13 Those that will not and those that have not nor will not come to the standard rule and plan of this work—let
them be removed as you have done. They remove themselves.

14 Let not man’s ideals be taught. The Lord is unchangeable and will not accept the follies, bickering and
ways of mankind.

15 My coming is to guide and hold steady the work of the Church.

16 The works and follies of men destroys hope and brings doubt and mistrust. Some have hardness of heart
and will not conform to doctrine and this work. I have relayed the authority that we might destroy the ideals and
works of man’s own choosing; setting his own laws.

17 See that all come to the Church’s teaching; all preaching the same things.

18 The work is set in pace, the doctrine and program is given; follow through.

19 The greatest days of tribulations is yet ahead, when all turmoil will break loose and few there be that shall
understand. But be ye peacemakers, thus receive the greater blessing.

20 Hold the truth and faith of the Church in great honor—which shall mean salvation to all that will hear this
way, assured in the Lord’s planning. Peace be unto all. The peace of life is gentle and kind to mankind if he will
but let peace and joy rule and obey the injunctions and words I bring. My words shall have their place in the
hearts of the honest.

21 This way of truth is set firm, yet bold and sure, and the Lord will have his way with all.

22 Think again. Where is wisdom in this work?

23 Use wisdom in choosing laborers.

24 The Lord accepts the work of Norman D. Lyles—seek out the members in this work. The Lord by his Spirit
is with him. Success will be with him.

25 It is not wisdom that John O’keefe be in the field at this time. Let him find work in Illinois, the Lord will bless
him and his family. He shall yet rejoice greatly in this work keeping the faith.

26 I will come again as the need is and the Lord directs.

27 Give this message to the brethren, the Church; to those called Restoration; and to all the world. Amen!”

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