The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eleventh Message

The Messenger came to me the eleventh time April 30, 1929, at 10:30 p.m., and was with me till 11:15, or forty-five minutes.

I retired early, about 9 p.m., and was not feeling very strong. I went to sleep but was awakened at 10:30 by the Messenger
and this is what he said:

1 “I come to you again when you are weak in body, and discouraged over things over which you have no
control; remember these things will come from time to time; save your strength that you may do the work that
God has entrusted to you, for behold your time is short, the Lord has extended your life in the past for this work
that must be done.

2 Some have been called away, and that for a wise purpose, others will be called away; remember God’s ways
are not man’s ways, but God will direct in his way that man shall fear before him.

3 Go and take this message that I have given you, for it is God’s message to the children of men; a warning as
in the days of Noah, for remember trying times are and will be upon the earth, men’s hearts failing them for
fear because of the things that are, and will be upon the earth. Save your strength, be wise, lest your end shall
come before time.

4 Worry not about those who seek to destroy your life, and the Lord’s work that has been committed to you to
do, it is not your work. You have had losses, but others have had losses, and many will lose not only this world’
s goods, but their lives, and some their souls will suffer as well.

5 Take the message of the Lord to the people, many will receive it, and those that will shape their life by it will
receive their reward; those that will not heed it will suffer thereby, yet in the end they will see, and shall yet know
that God has spoken.

6 Nations are in distress, and will be in time to come, for the wisdom of men is limited if not seasoned with the
wisdom of God, and those nations who are rejecting the laws and commandments of God will suffer, until they
shall return and obey them.

7 All those who shall help you to take the message to the people shall be blessed; remember there are
thousands whose hearts are tender, who are looking for the Word of the Lord, who will be glad to receive the
message; take to them the gospel of love.

8 Many will help you that his work will go on, for behold the time is at hand when men shall see that God’s
hand is in this work; be not slothful, or fainthearted, for God will be your strength. The Lord has given you a wife
that is a helpmate to you, who has, and will suffer with you.

9 Let this message be heard; send it to the ends of the earth. Those of your brethren who will assist you will be
blessed, those that refuse to assist shall lose thereby.

10 The temple will be built. There will be changes in the men that will help. Those that hinder let them be
removed, that the Lord’s house might be built. Let the people rule whose hearts are pure, but those whose
hearts are selfish shall come to naught. Go to Independence from time to time in your work, encourage the
people, help to establish a real Zion. Many of the Lord’s people will accept the message, but remember this is
a work of love.

11 Many will assist in the work that is before you now; be careful of your strength, be wise in your work, be
humble in all your efforts, worry not about the plans of the temple, for the Lord will direct from time to time.

12 I am John, the same John that prepared the way before Christ when he was here, I am the Messenger sent
from God to do the work for which I was born. I have come in the past, and will come in the future. I am a
prophet and thy fellow servant. I am he that preached baptism and repentance in the wilderness of Judea. I am
the John that was beheaded. I am the Messenger to prepare the way. I am the Messenger of the Lord to direct
in building the temple, and I shall be with Christ when he shall come to his temple. I am the Messenger that
shall bring the warning to the people of the destruction that shall come to pass. My message is one of love to
them that will obey it.

13 Hear! Oh ye people of the earth; Christ’s coming is near at hand. Read the words of the Master of men, the
Savior of the world. He will come to bring judgments, and peace, and will rule from sea to sea, and all men will
obey him; his Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; he is Lord of lords, and King of kings. Glory! Glory to his
name! Amen.”

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