The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Tenth Message

I was awakened at my home in Independence, Missouri, U.S.A., June 19, 1991, at 2:06 a.m. by the light of the Messenger. I
arose quickly and hurried to the table in the kitchen. There the Messenger was waiting. The whole house was filled with
light. He had on the white robe he always wears. We shook hands. He began to speak; I began to write. He was with me
until 3:40 a.m. Following is the message.

1 “Arise, give ear and take the message I will give you. I come from the Lord’s presence at his command and
when there is a need. Many are praying for the furtherance of this work.

2 You are the Lord’s scribe. For this work were you born. The Lord is your shield and preserver. His strength is
given to sustain you.

3 Worry not about false claims by ungodly persons; they seek to destroy, but first to destroy themselves.

4 I speak sternly and with concise words to all that will humble themselves before the Lord.

5 Let all turn away from the past of sins and traditions of men that will not save you.

6 God’s peace and power shall reign—for in Zion the place of peace—a nation of righteousness—wherein
obedience shall reign and the gospel of salvation shall be found.

7 Ye that hear the whispering of God’s Spirit how that it mellows the hearts of men—yea even all that hear and
obey, great things shall transpire before you: the sick healed, the lame walk, the blind be made to see. The
greater power shall be given.

8 I am John the Baptist, the prophet of the Lord that shall bind God’s work together in the gathering of Israel to
their promised land and fully establish in their cleansing their hearts and learning of the Holy One, the
Deliverer, the Christ.

9 Yea, they shall learn of the Christ, the Savior and Messiah of all mankind, yea all the earth. Those that hear
shall be delivered, redeemed and be saved in their inheritance, all that shall be with them serving the Lord. For
they need not fear nor be confounded.

10 It is the kingdom of this world which is ruled by the devil which is built up among men—which are of the
flesh—that must come to an end.

11 It is the Lord’s will that the work be helped in Germany that it be developed to govern the Church of Christ
there, bringing souls to salvation. Let it continue.

12 Therefore, and elsewhere, many will come into this work; the call is from God. Let these be added to the
elders, evangelists, moreover disciples: Bernd Stelter and Robert Beck. By the Spirit of God upon them, more
will be added to their numbers.

13 In time twelve disciples shall control and be over the work there as I told you, in concordance with the
apostles here, properly represented—always in accord with the rights and laws of the government.

14 Fear not, the Lord has sent me and I have spoken his will.

15 Let all that will as they come in this work, be baptized and receive the gifts of the Spirit, and authority to
preach and teach salvation to mankind through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, for salvation is to all
mankind that will hear and obey, all preaching the same truths.

16 It is good that the women help all they can—aiding their companions and the work, aiding in the records
and translations into other languages. Let the work spread elsewhere as much as the way opens.

17 Let the sacred rites be preserved and kept holy in the Lord’s Spirit. Be ye clean vessels of the Lord.

18 Let these be added to the elders: Jim Bolan, Marvin Zink, Robert Esler, Bruce Easiley, Darrel Bellamy,
Carlos Bravo, and Derrick Rodgers.

19 Let these be added elders and evangelists: John Dawson, David Priest, Josef Weber, Joseph Hunter,
George Nearing, Wayne Miller, Victor S. Idim, P. L. Osinde, W. John Koystra, and Gideon A. Fedhe.

20 When these come in this work let them be ordained and set apart as elders, evangelists and first disciples
in the Philippines: Edward Cakin Simpay and Xavier G. Prado. In time others there will be called, even by the
Lord’s Spirit. There shall be twelve disciples, the leading ministry in this work there. Others and the plan will be
revealed by the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

21 Let the full gospel plan be taught. All must come in by the door, the baptisms under this authority and
receive the laying on of hands, the Holy Spirit shall be given.

22 Yea, and moreover, this holy unction in a double measure shall be upon them, given of God as you lay on
the hands. Bring them into this work. The Lord’s work must be fully established.

23 It is the Lord’s will that the two apostles, Norman D. Lyles and Larry Gosier Williams, go to the Philippines
baptizing and ordaining and setting up the Church there in those parts that it may grow, elsewhere, fast and far,
as time is folding in when the Lord’s coming shall take place. The powers of darkness must come to an end.

24 ‘Come out of her,’ saith the Lord. Let this work be fully established. Let the brethren continue their journey
on to India, Africa, Germany and France.

25 Peace I leave with you and the Church. I will come again as the Lord directs. Amen.”

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