The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Eleventh Message

On September 22, 1991, Sunday morning, 3:30 a.m., I could not sleep. I arose, dressed, and was sitting at the table when
the Messenger of the Lord was near. He walked in the front door saying these words as he approached me. “I come from
the Lord’s presence.” He took my hand and was seated. He was with me about 35 minutes.

1 “Write the message I shall give you.

2 The work has been accepted thus far of the Church of Christ, with the message I bring. Let it continue here,
and elsewhere, far and wide. You have seen the changes in the world activities—the powers not of God are
going down. A more peaceful way is coming. However, the greatest havoc is yet to come.

3 Lo, the Lord is grieved because of the churches, the people called Restoration, not heeding the plan of God;
the authority I bring; nor the instructions even of the prophets of old; nor Christ’s words—pertaining to the
temple of the Lord, the sanctuary of the Lord.

4 Thus saith the Lord, ‘Where is the house built unto me? You live in your sealed houses—with sealed set
minds—established in your own manmade and evil doctrines. Even establishing false teachings of how the
God of heaven, Creator of the universe, is to speak to mankind. Ignoring the plan of God; having a form of
godliness but denying the power thereof. Therefore your failure is in not hearing the truth as it comes, making
the word of the Lord of none effect.

5 I have given the holy priesthood, the power and authority of God, by the hands of my messenger, mine angel,
my forerunner, but so-called Restoration has added to: offices, officers, and creeds I do not accept. Again,
without authority, and lack of the true authority and doctrine of salvation, because of high prominency and great
titles, you are empty of the Lord.

6 Let all repent and receive this authority I send for mankind, the pure love of God, saith the Lord Jesus Christ.

7 When Howard Leighton-Floyd comes in this work and there cometh a vacancy in the quorum of apostles—let
him take his place among them.

8 As these are prepared for this holy unction and the eldership let them be ordained: Howard Leighton-Floyd,
Albert Leighton-Floyd, Bruce Staley, James Naslund, John M. Berger and Richard Smith.

9 When there cometh a vacancy in the bishops’ quorum—let Jairus Yates be set apart a bishop.

10 As new locals are established, let elders and evangelists be set apart to carry the work on.

11 Again, those called in the past who will not or have not accepted their calling in this work, remove their
names from the records lest the adversary maketh mischief toward this work.

12 Let the word of the Lord bear words of truth and salvation unto victory and deliverance.

13 As I speak to you I speak to all who will hear the voice of one seeking to remove all confusion.

14 I will come again as the need shall be. I am the resurrected John the Baptist. Amen.”