The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twelfth Message

The Messenger, John the Baptist, came into my home in Independence, Missouri, April 4, 1992 at 2:48 a.m.

I could not sleep because of grieving over the passing of Brother L. M. Thornton. I was dressed in my day clothes and was
seated by the table reading The Word of the Lord.

He took me by my right hand and seated himself at the table. He was clothed with the resurrection light that filled the entire

He spoke slowly as I wrote the message down, repeating occasionally, so I could be sure to write each word he spoke.

Here is the message.

1 “Behold, again I bring a message of hope and life to all that will accept my coming and the words I bring from
the Lord.

2 ‘Yea,’ said the Lord, ‘I have sent my messenger. Will the people hear him? I have not spoken in secret or in
hiding. He has spoken my words and will. It shall stand, for this is my pleasure. I know the end from the
beginning and I have planned deliverance to all that will call on my name in righteousness, in humility before

3 If my people will be faithful and hold to the instructions I send, they will find salvation and deliverance. Many
are honest in heart and seek to know the truth. This is truth to learn this marvelous work. The power of the evil
shall lose in the end.

4 Study the words I send that my messenger brings to you. Let your minds be illuminated in peace, and joy will
rule your lives,’ saith the Lord.

5 Let none take part in this work until they come in by the door of baptism and are repentant of their sins and
traditions of men, their manmade doctrines and styles of worship. Let none teach or preach that are not a part
of this work. Let all learn the truth and come to this work. Salvation is of the Lord. Praise ye the Lord. Let the
hands of the faithful carry on. Zion must come forth.

6 Again I say, let all come together in the service of the Lord, and the Lord will meet with them in the hour of
their humility revealing the things of the Kingdom, for all have a work to do. Let love fill your hearts that it will be
said, ‘See how they love one another.’

7 They that are of God and are humble, seeking the Spirit and find it in righteous acts, showing charity beyond
measure, will have the greater power and their works will stand the test.

8 Seek not for prominency, nor praise of mankind, for such show their nothingness and will not endure the
sword of truth and justice. Those that will not qualify or prepare to work in God’s will nor attain to the Holy Spirit,
their evils will find them out in their failures.

9 Let the faithful be true, upright, and honest so that the Spirit of peace will be upon them. Watch against the
days to come wherein many will suffer, but shape your lives by the words I bring and it will be well with you.

10 Let those that reject the message I bring from the Lord be released from their trust and responsibility—for
they deny my coming—and the Lord rejects them. Therefore, let them have no part in this work, for their hearts
are not true and not in the Lord’s will. All those that oppose and fight against this work, except they repent, their
end will be sad. They cannot overthrow the Lord’s work.

11 Remember the Lord has called and chose men to direct this work. Keep your calling sacred. What you bind
on earth is bound in heaven. What you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.

12 Trust the Lord, likewise that you may be trusted. Remember, God is just.

13 Let the apostles and disciples the world over know their great responsibility rests with caring for the flock,
the saints of God.

14 Before you stands an open door, move onward through it. Go forth, swing wide the gate. Pray much and the
way will open. Let all learn this way. Take courage. Keep the vigilance. The Lord will comfort all that come unto
him. Be humble, be not troubled, be overcomers in the Lord’s way.

15 The work the brethren have done in the Philippines has been pleasing in the sight of the Lord. Likewise,
elsewhere, so far.

16 It is good and the Lord’s will these be disciples: Rolando Bucayong, Rodillo Bajao as has been, and
Cesario B. Gorres.

17 When Kahasha S. Wifred cometh this way, let him be an elder, evangelist and disciple; to the evangelist
and disciple, Victor Diaz; to the elders as they prepare: Levon David Moore, Edward R. Sechrest Jr., Phillip
Meihls, Edgar Padayhag, Jimmy Locsin, John Decker, and Todd H. Hayes when he cometh this way.

18 Those that will prepare to labor in the Lord’s work, receive the message of life and come all the way, shall
find peace—deliverance and rest to your souls.

19 I will come again as the need may be. I am that prophet, the Messenger of the Lord, John the Baptist. Amen.”

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