The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Thirteenth Message

I was awakened at 2:15 a.m., June 15, 1992, by the presence and light of the Messenger, John the Baptist.

I arose quickly and proceeded to the kitchen table. The Messenger took my right hand and placed himself, as well as I, at
the table. He began to speak.

I wrote as he spoke. The whole house was lit up and the Spirit of God was very strong. He was with me till 4:18 a.m.
Following is the message.

1 “I come with a message from the Lord. I bring refreshing to all who will hear my words the Lord has put in my
mouth. I come to speak his words, complying with his Spirit, will, and plan.

2 I am John the Baptist. I was resurrected when the Christ arose. I am he to go before the Lord to prepare his
way, to prepare a people to be his bride when he returns to claim his jewels, the elect ones.

3 This message is to the appointed and anointed ones of this work to be taken to all the world. All that hear
and obey will find peace to their souls. My message is one of love to all that obey it.

4 The Lord Jesus is the resurrection and the life. He is the Savior, Redeemer and King of all mankind. All that
hear and obey have right to the tree of life and to eternity. His glory shall overshadow them.

5 I bring the authority that his bride, the Church of Christ, shall be fully established and prepared to bring in the
Zion of the Lord, the way of eternal peace.

6 I speak in all due regards. This is the assured way. Make straight the path of the righteous for the way is one
eternal round.

7 May the people of the Lord take on new courage, for he will give a new heart to all that hear and come this
way of authority and deliverance. The servants of the Lord speaking kindly to all and to one another.

8 This is a day of gathering and bringing all to see the redemption of mankind, for the Lord gave himself a
ransom that man might be brought back to the will and plan and the Father sees it well done.

9 Publish the messages I bring. Let them go to all the world. Teach repentance and salvation. Forgiveness is
to all that repent and obey the call of God. Go forth, do the things the Lord says must be done.

10 Blessed are the meek and all that consecrate themselves to serve the Lord. They shall enter the rest of the
Lord and shall be preserved while the indignation passes over.

11 Keep the faith, be diligent, hold to vigilance and the sunlight of righteousness shall overshadow with
healing in his wings. Study deeply the words I bring and it will work well with you. As you believe the words of
the Lord and the prophets, and obey, Satan has no power on you.

12 Mankind of the world today is divided and separated by unkind boundaries. Therefore, the need for more
governing disciples in the nations. There are many nations and the need calls for disciples in each nation as
the Spirit will call, let it be so. Prayers have been uttered that the Lord speak on this, I speak his will. The time
is short, coming to a close.

13 Let the elders and evangelists hold the work together—the disciples to govern and direct. Let all be at work.

14 The time will come when the need will be for Leonard H. Draves to arrange to spend much time in the office
and work in headquarters. The letters of encouragement and records will require his time. Let the work not
suffer. Move firmly in the adjustment.

15 Work in the fields of harvest will require much attention. Let James E. Parker assist in this.

16 The work in India has been accepted of the Lord.

17 Let all have the Word of the Lord. Study and bring all to this great truth for adjustments and corrections. Hold
firm and active.

18 Likewise, the work in Africa, is a call for more attention and as the people come into this work, they need the
teaching, training and learning the plan and will of God—this authority that I bring must have its flow.

19 The Spirit will reveal to the chosen apostles to know the plan and need of the people, adjusting to the
design of haste.

20 In time other changes will come. I will come again as the need shall be. Amen.”