The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Fourteenth Message

I was not able to sleep, so arose and dressed. I felt perhaps the Messenger would come.

On August 23, 1992, at about 4:30 a.m., the Messenger came in as I was seated at the kitchen table. I arose, took his hand
and seated him. I had my pad of paper ready. The influence of the Spirit and power of the resurrected was very strong. He
was with me about an hour and a half.

1 Behold, I have come as the need is. Take the message I shall give you, place it with the rest. Publish it to the
brethren, the Church, and to all that will receive the words I bring.

2 I am the Messenger of the Lord. I come at his command and the need and call of the people. Let the Lord’s
will be taught, and your righteous need be laid before the Lord. If he delights in your plea, he lendeth an ear to
hear. An answer will come for your victory and deliverance.

3 When mankind lends a listening ear and a heart to please the Lord, he will hear their cry and the mysteries
and unknown shall be known and uncovered in their understanding of mankind.

4 The seed has been planted far and wide, and the work of the brethren, Norman D. Lyles and Larry Gosier
Williams, in great regard and due respect, has been seen of the Lord; and what has been accomplished in
correcting and establishing the work, in the Philippines, helping and managing in India, Africa and Germany,
with others where and with whom they labored, has pleased the Lord. Let it be so. Much good will come from
the seed sown. Peace and victory in deliverance and salvation will come to all that heed, obey and follow

5 The message and authority that I bring is the pure love of God, the priesthood after the order of God: the God
of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Creator of all things, even the Lord Jesus Christ.

6 I am John the Baptist, the Elias which is for to come to bring the Elijah Message.

7 There cometh a day when the open door before you will close. Are you ready for the consummation of all
things; bringing in the Lord’s jewels, his elect ones—the honest of heart—making ready the bride of Christ, his
Church, his Zion?

8 Cast not your efforts to be wasted, but use wisdom in all things.

9 Let your love show forth in the circle of the Lord, bearing good deeds seasoned by the Spirit of God. Be not
weary in well doing. The Lord’s will and your joy, lay it before the Lord. In the Lord all things are possible,
seasoned by his Spirit.

10 Leave all in the Master’s hands. It will bring you peace and deliverance. Little by little have I spoken; here a
little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept. How long I have spoken. Will the world hear it? Will the
people hear it?

11 You believe in God, believe also in my coming to prepare the way. I speak eternal words, I am clothed with
light for a covering, gushing forth as a fountain of truth.

12 Declare the word, commanding mankind everywhere to repent and come this way, for the time has come
when the way of truth alone shall stand, all else will come to naught. Contend not over points of doctrine of the
gospel, but trust in his words, and he will make you free. Those that be not active in some way in this work will
lose and the Lord will call others, for the message must be taken to the ends of the earth, to all nations.

13 There are many now almost persuaded to believe, but Satan whispers for them not to.

14 When these are prepared for this ministry, let them be set apart as elders. Peace, love and power will be
given them, likewise to all: Kent Johnson, Reece Johnson, Brad Evans, Jared Smith; and Larry L. Gillreath,
elder and evangelist. Also Robert Mey of Germany as elder, evangelist and disciple. The Lord will make them a
blessing in this work.

15 Let all teach faith, repentance, baptism and the laying on of hands and the gifts of the holy unction shall be
upon them.

16 I leave peace with you and will come again as the need shall be. The Lord’s Spirit shall lead and function.