The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Fifteenth Message

The Messenger, John the Baptist, came into my home in Independence, Missouri, March 8, 1993, at 2:30 a.m.

Being not too well from a cold, I was in my front room reading The Word of the Lord. I felt the Spirit of God very strong. I had
a light on to see while reading. Suddenly it became very light, the entire house lit up with the light of the resurrection.

I had looked out to see what the weather was like and had left the door unlocked. The Messenger, John the Baptist, walked
in. I arose to greet him. He took my right hand as we exchanged a few words in greeting. He said, “Peace to you,” and I
said, “Likewise, God bless.” He sat near as I took my tablet to write.

I hope that all who read these words will know the Spirit of the Lord and seek him to follow this truth. Following is the

1 “Write the message I will give you. I come from the Lord’s presence. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, I
speak his words, his will. I bring peace for your life and all who will hear me, through the message I bring to

2 Let Norman D. Lyles and Larry Gosier Williams cover the work in foreign areas, and know the Lord works
with them and those they labor among. Let Eddie Lee help in the work in Africa.

3 Let Leonard H. Draves know the Lord directs his work to be in the office. There is much that can be
accomplished—as has been directed in the past—keeping the recording and files of members. Others will
help as the work calls for and progresses.

4 Behold. There are many almost persuaded to come into this work knowing the Lord has spoken and speaks
the assured way. Deliverance will only come to those that believe, enter this truth, and endure to the end.
Eternity with God will have place for all such—this is God’s planning.

5 When mankind awakens to the program and plan of God, adjusting their lives to the way of life; letting the
Holy Spirit ring in their lives, and walk the ways of righteousness; then salvation will bring them deliverance.
Behold the glory of God in Jesus Christ, the Redeemer; resurrected to break the bands of death. My message
is one of hope in the eternity with God; a message of conviction, a message of deliverance. Will mankind hear
it and follow through?

6 See those that have lost the way, the Spirit of the Lord has been pressed out of their lives. They become
empty vessels. Their efforts fade away and come to a sad end.

7 Hold the peace. Let not the contentions of the world destroy hope. The righteous shall be preserved. The
Lord will stand his in holy places until the indignation passes over.

8 See those that have set up their own way not believing in what I speak; their actions deny the authority I bring.
They seek prominency and their works will all be destroyed.

9 When cares and burdens come up—take them to the Lord in prayer, in wisdom, and deep concern. He will
answer to your blessing. You will see his power move.

10 Praise the Lord, let the hands of faith carry on. The Lord’s Zion must come forth.

11 See those that rejoice because of my coming. I come not to another. I come to you. This is your work to take
the message and give it to the Church, to the brethren and the world. Many will accept it and the salvation they
must come to.

12 The powers of evil will seek to destroy. Some you feel after would harm the work if it did not first destroy
them. Let doubts and fears be removed. Many will join in this work and the success of the righteous will be
great in the Lord’s sight.

13 Study deeply the messages I bring. Illuminate your minds with this power of deliverance—victory in the Lord.

14 Those inquiring of this work, teach them the way of life, and as they come this way, they will bring others to
the truth, they shall be in this ministry. This is the Lord’s anointing and appointed way of peace. Finding the
truth in the Bible, The Record of the Nephites, and the book, The Word of the Lord, the words I bring and will yet
bring. Worship and find the gifts.

15 Repentance and faith is the beginning, the baptisms, the hands must be laid upon all that the Spirit might
come to those that prepare for it. Establish the words I bring in your lives. I will come again as the need might

16 It is through and in the atoning blood of Christ that mankind is saved.

17 There are many that have long represented Christ. Take to them the words I bring. Lead them into this way
with all its gifts and blessings, representing Christ and his Church. This holy priesthood is the pure love of

18 Remember you are not alone, for far more than ten-thousand times ten-thousands are waiting at the gate to
enter and be a part of the Kingdom and Zion of God. The outcast shall know where they belong and be

19 Continue to pay your oblations to the Lord and endure. Peace I leave with you and will come again. Amen.”