The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Seventeenth Message

Sunday morning, September 12, 1993, I was seated at my kitchen table reading the Message Book. At about 6:10 a.m., the
Messenger walked in. The light of the resurrection filled the home. The Spirit was very strong. We exchanged greetings; he
began to speak. He left about 7 a.m. Following is the message.

1 “Behold, my fellow servant. I have come again to you with a message, a message of life to the obedient.
Remember ye are the body of Christ, the Church, and members in particular.

2 ‘To the humble and obedient,’ saith the Lord, ‘your faith has been exceeding great. You have endured and
shall find my peace in abundance.’

3 The millennium is to be the Lord’s reign when all mankind will obey his will the world over, and the Church
prepared to be the saints of the Most High.

4 Heed the instructions I bring, establish justice in the gates. Let your hearts be filled with peace. Choose the
upright and the faithful. Those who qualify is given power to carry the work onward. The Lord gives as mankind

5 The Lord calls more to help in this work. Therefore, let Don Kaiser be set apart as an elder and evangelist to
work in his area; he will find the Lord’s strength upon him.

6 When Jerome Williams comes into this work, let him be set apart as an elder and evangelist. The Lord will
bless him to work among his people and kin.

7 To fill vacancies in the quorum of twelve: let Terry Laws and Charles S. Martin be added to the apostles. Let
the hands be laid upon them that the Lord will confirm their callings, likewise to all.

8 Let Edward R. Sechrest and Scott Lyles be set apart as bishops to fill the vacancies.

9 It is the Lord’s will the work be continued everywhere. As the servants go to foreign fields, the Lord will be
with them and prepare those they work with. Peace will follow them wherever they go.

10 Let there be twelve disciples on each side in Africa, thus the work shall move smoothly. Likewise, seven
bishops’ agents.

11 I will come again when there is a need. Peace be to all. Give this message to the brethren. Amen.”

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