The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Eighteenth Message

On March 3, 1994, I arose about 5 a.m. and turned off the door alarm. I felt tired, so I laid on the sofa and slept some more.
When the Messenger began to speak I arose—he helped lift me by taking my right hand. My pad being on the table I began
to write as he gave the message. He sat in the chair by the kitchen table near me.

1 “Arise and take the message I will give you.

2 Fret not nor worry not, this is the Lord’s work, mankind cannot run it his way. I come to you to give
encouragement. The authority and trust is upon you. No one or none other can take it from you.

3 Some let Satan drive them into bitterness and evil acts against you.

4 My mission is one of love, I come from the Lord’s presence. I bring peace to fulfill the way of the Lord. To
cause mankind to be made pure and holy, righteous in the Lord’s sight. The hand of power and trust are his.
He giveth as mankind prepares. I bring glad tidings to the faithful. The word I bring giveth salvation to all that
believe and obey. Will mankind hear it?

5 I am the Elias, the forerunner of the Christ. My baptism is to fulfill the way of righteousness. There is no other
way for salvation to come to mankind, only to follow the Christ Jesus, only through him.

6 You have done the Lord’s will and work, preserve it and keep it sacred.

7 Be pleasant at all times and the Spirit will guide you in all truth. As I speak to you, so speak I to all.

8 Let these I shall give you: John O’Keefe, Howard Leighton-Floyd, Charles S. Martin, Edward Sechrest be
released of priesthood authority and Terry Laws released of the apostleship.

9 Take your place as an apostle, likewise Leonard H. Draves and Mervyn Johnson. Let Leonard H. Draves
keep the records as he has been told to do and other works instructed in the office.

10 Mankind cannot do the Lord’s work his way, it must be the way of the Lord, or therefore their own destruction.

11 Unless there is repentance from the office of James E. Parker and James Sorgen, they too shall be
released of their authority.

12 There will be other changes.

13 In time the Lord will call others to fill vacancies. Be not disturbed of what your brethren sought to do. They
destroy and release themselves for lack of believing and or obeying my words I bring and will of the Lord.

14 The work of Larry and Norman is pleasing in the Lord’s sight and the people they work with.

15 I leave peace with you. I will come again when the need be. Amen.”

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