The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Nineteenth Message

I arose about 6 a.m., Saturday, March 19, 1994 and turned off the door alarm. I was seated at the table when the Messenger
walked in. He laid his hand on my right shoulder as he passed to sit in the chair near me. Following is the message. He left
at 7:15 a.m.

1 “Take the message I shall give you. Give it to the brethren of the Church.

2 Many of the members have been hurt over your actions and records you kept—not allowing the brethren’s

3 The Lord has heard the prayers of the faithful and peace has come in the hearts of many concerned to
consider the words I bring.

4 In the communion: the sacrament of the Lord is salvation to the truly humble and repentant. The Lord has
and will forgive. Let your hearts be clean and your lives pure. Hear the words of comfort and encouragement I

5 Restore those that show forth repentance and Terry Laws to the apostleship; in their ministry and position
and it will be well to the obedient.

6 Thus saith the Lord, ‘Ye are my friends. I have tested you as Job has been tested; yet he loved me, your Lord.
The testing has served its purpose,’ saith the Lord.

7 The work in the foreign field has been well planted and will fill its mission. The word shall go to all nations
and the world over. Henceforth it will reach multitudes and bring them salvation in Christ Jesus.

8 Let Robert Esler, Phillip Crownover, Tony Crownover and Russell Lyles, when he comes into this work, be
set apart as elders to further this cause. The Lord will make a blessing.

9 I leave peace with you and the Church. Amen!”

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