The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twelfth Message

The Messenger came to me for the twelfth time Thursday night, July 18, 1929. He came and went three times, remaining
each time until I was weak from his presence, then he would leave me for a short time so I could regain some of my
strength. The divine is so much stronger than the human that the presence of the Messenger makes a person weak in
body. This time I had the first opportunity to ask him a question, which I did. I asked him if our work which we have done
has been accepted of the Lord, to which he answered, “Yes.”

I hope that whosoever may read these messages may make it a matter of prayer and fasting in humility before God, that
they may know for themselves that God has again spoken and revealed his mind and will from heaven.


1 “I have come to you from time to time, to instruct you as to the work of building the temple, and the
organization of the Church of Christ, and re-establishing it again in its fullness, that the Church may again
receive the power and Holy Ghost as in the days of old, and that as on the day of Pentecost, the servants of the
Lord may be filled with the Spirit of God, that they may take the message of the gospel of Christ to the nations
of the earth, for the Lord has reserved unto himself this remnant on the temple lot, to set the Church in order. I
have come to you in your own language that you may understand, and impart it to the children of men, and that
the message might be understood by all people, in its plainness, that they may have no excuse at the
judgment day, for verily these things shall come to pass.

2 The Lord has looked upon you and your brethren, and has seen the humility of your souls, and your desire to
carry out the instructions that the Lord has given you from time to time, and thus far your work has been
accepted of the Lord, but remember, you must remain very humble before God, and do the things he has, and
will command you to do, or the Spirit and light that the Lord has given you will be withheld from you and your
minds will become dark, and doubt and fear will enter your souls. Therefore, seek the Lord often in prayer and
in the humility of your souls the work that the Lord has commanded you to do will come before you. Contend
with no man, only contend for the truth, for the truth will make you free. Contentions will darken the mind, and
the Spirit of God will not dwell in the hearts of men who are contentious.

3 The plans as drawn by your brethren are correct as to the foundation, that is, as to size, but let the pillars be
added to the outside, four feet eight inches in length, and two feet eight inches in depth, and let the pillars on
each corner be the same size. Dig the trenches, and bring the foundation to the level of the basement floor,
and your steel fifteen inches above the grade level. Let your fabricating be done, so that your work may continue
from there, for behold, many important things shall come to pass, and many things shall yet be given but I will
come from time to time to instruct you, that the work will not be delayed.

4 Behold, the Lord has rejected all creeds and factions of men, who have gone away from the word of the Lord
and have become an abomination in his sight, therefore, let those that come to the Church of Christ be
baptized, that they may rid themselves of the traditions and sins of men; preparing themselves, that they may
be fit and worthy for the Spirit and power of the Holy Ghost, and as the greater power shall come, that they may
be ready to receive it with joy. For this is the time of the restitution and restoration of all things, and this must
come to all that shall be permitted to dwell in the presence of Christ, for sin cannot receive the glory of God, nor
the power of the Holy Spirit.

5 Let not the building of the temple hinder the preaching of the gospel, but let those that have been appointed
and set apart for the temple work, see that all things be done after the pattern that I shall give. And let those that
have been called and set apart to carry the gospel message to the nations of the earth do their work, as they
have been instructed. Let them preach the things as they are found in the Bible and the Record of the Nephites;
let them take the message to Jew and Gentile, to all classes, tongues and peoples. Let the men who have
been placed in charge and appointed to look after and receive the tithes, offerings and oblations, be mindful of
their work, that the moneys so received are spent wisely. Let them give an accounting to the Church, that things
may be done in justice to all, always being mindful that they are ambassadors for Christ and the Church, and
that they will be without excuse to God, for everyone must be faithful to their trust for this is the Lord’s work, and
so shall it be required of him in the last day.

6 Remember, the Lord committed to Joseph Smith a great work in his day, and power and authority to re-
establish the Church of Christ in his day as in the days of old. He gave him the pattern to establish it as in the
days of the apostles, and restored the priesthood and authority of the Son of God to the children of men. Yet,
because of pride and the love and praise of men, he sinned before God, and much of his work has been
destroyed, but he will be saved as by fire, and will be numbered with the prophets of old. Again, the Lord has
called others to prune his vineyard, to bring the gospel of peace, to establish his Church as in the days of old,
that the power of the priesthood may be again enjoyed as in the days of old.

7 Behold, the Lord changes not, again he has sent me to instruct the children of men as to the building of the
temple, the size thereof, the inner court and the outer court, the construction of the building, the time to begin
work, the time to complete the building of the temple, the material it shall be built of, and I will come from time
to time to instruct you, for thus was I commanded to instruct Joseph Smith, but because he was not true to the
trust, this was withheld from him. Remember, you have been entrusted with this work, therefore be humble that
you fail not in your work.

8 And as I laid my hands upon Joseph Smith, so now I lay my hands on you, that greater power and greater
light might come to you, and to set you apart to do the work entrusted to your care and in your day. Remember,
the priesthood was not and will not be taken from the earth since I conferred it on Joseph Smith; but the greater
power of the priesthood has been withheld because of the transgression of those who have been entrusted
therewith. Therefore, see that all things are done after the pattern I will give you, that in all things you may
please the Lord your God. Be true to the trust that has been placed upon you and your brethren, each one in his
place and calling, for the Lord will hold each one responsible in their work that must be done and will require it
at their hands in the last day. Some will fail because of the temptations that shall come to them, but they will
suffer loss. But, remember, Christ is at the head of the Church, and will direct his work; he is the Great High
Priest of his people and he will direct the work as in days of old. I therefore bless you in the name of Christ, and
admonish you to seek not the praise of men but be humble before God, and the people of the Lord, and your
brethren. The priesthood and authority that was placed upon you by the servant of the Lord will never be taken
from you unless you deny the Lord your God, but if you are not true to the trust imposed upon you, you shall
suffer loss and lose your crown. The Lord will reveal to you from time to time the things pertaining to the
building of the temple and the work that must be done by the Church of Christ, that the people of the Lord might
be instructed of the things that shall come to pass. Amen.

9 Let C. A. Spilsbury be set apart among men to fill the vacancy in the quorum of twelve, that the work may not
suffer, for this is a day of haste as I have told you. Let him take the field with the gospel message as he is not
burdened with the cares of life as some are. Let the elders who are not burdened with the cares of life go from
place to place and prepare to take the message to other nations, but let those go to the far off fields that are not
burdened with the care of children, and let their companions go also. Use wisdom in these matters, be careful
in your expenses, while and where you labor, that more may be sent into the harvest field.

10 Let your work on the temple continue, working as fast as the moneys come in but keep out of debt; contract
no debt with any man, for this work must be done by sacrifice and not by promises. For behold the people of
the Lord are glad to help in this work of the Lord, by tithes and by offerings for thus did the people in the days of
old, which was pleasing unto the Lord, for this was the law in Abraham’s day who paid tithes and the Lord
blessed him, and the Lord will bless in your day all those that shall keep his law. Therefore pay your oblations
to the Lord in all things that your work may be accepted of him, so that when trying times are upon the earth
your work might stand the test. Let the gospel be preached, let the poor be provided for, let the temple be built,
that in all things you may be the children of God.

11 Those that will heed the warnings that I have given to them in the past will be blessed; those that will not
believe will lose; nevertheless, take the message to them, and the honest in heart will accept it.

12 I am John the Baptist that prepared the way before Christ and I will prepare the way before him again, and a
people to receive Christ when he comes. Send this message to your brethren, the twelve first; then send it to
the nations of the earth with all the rest now in print, but the things I have shown to you in vision, keep that only
for your brethren, give not that to the enemies that seek to hinder the work of the Lord.

13 I will come from time to time until the work is finished after the pattern. Be humble, and the Lord will bless
you by his Spirit, and men will be blessed by the message in time to come. Amen.”

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