The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
One-hundred Twentieth Message

I was up and in the kitchen reading when the Messenger walked in. The home was filled with light. It was 5:30 a.m., April
22, 1994. He left before 6 a.m. Following is the message.

1 “I will give you a message that all may know the Lord has sent me to speak his will. I come from his
presence to give instructions so this work may progress.

2 Keep the standard and the work will not suffer. It has been established to move to every nation and the
people of this world.

3 Let Anthony Wanga be set apart as a disciple to work among his people.

4 When there cometh vacancies in the bishop quorum, let these prepare to fill vacancies: Richard Massman
and Marvin Zink.

5 Likewise of the apostles: Alan Crownover, Jim Rolfe, Darrel Bellamy and Mike Greenwell. The Lord will bless
by his Spirit as they take up their calling.

6 The Lord Jesus is the Christ and he changes not. He is the light of salvation to all that hear his voice.

7 Let the work continue in the foreign fields. Let it be established everywhere. The Lord will bless and bring
success by his Spirit.

8 Give this message to the brethren. I leave peace with you. Amen.”