The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fourteenth Message

The Messenger was with me in my room at the home of J. G. Pointer, 1041 Van Horn Road, Independence, Missouri, from 4
a.m. to 4:30 a.m., October 7, 1929, and spoke to me as follows:

1 “There are those that will oppose the message that I have given you, and at times this will delay the work on
the temple, but their end will be sad. The Lord will bless the hearts that are pure and the hands that are clean
before him.

2 Fear not because you are hated by some, neither fear the words that they shall say, for you must bear
witness of the message, not only now, but you shall be called upon from time to time to bear witness of that
which I have given you. The time is near at hand, when you shall be called upon to bear witness not only to the
people of the Church of Christ, but you and your brethren must bear witness to the world of these things which I
have told you.

3 As I come to you in your language, so am I commanded to bring a record from other people in their language,
which will also bear witness in like manner of God’s dealing with them. There will be people from time to time
to bear record of the truthfulness to them, of the things which I have given to you.

4 Let Walter L. Gates take charge of the temple work here on the ground and at the office, for a season; let
Thomas B. Nerren labor among the churches in the East, and let James E. Yates labor in Utah among the
people whose hearts are open to receive the message I have given you. Prepare to send a man to Holland
next year among the people there who are ready to receive this work.

5 Be not boastful, neither harsh with the people, when you take the message to them, but be humble and full of
love, and when you are in need of light from heaven, wash yourself that you may be clean, anoint your head
with oil, and in fasting and humility go before your God, that he might direct you in his work.

6 As the people of the Lord who have a desire to cleanse themselves of the traditions of men shall come to the
Lord’s servants, baptize them. Be careful in all your words, and works that you shall do, for Satan will try to
destroy the work that I have been commanded to instruct you to do.

7 Let W. P. Buckley, as a bishop, be out in the field and labor among the people, preaching both the principles
of the gospel and the tithing law, and let Walter L. Gates help keep the records that all things might be kept in

8 As you labor among the people, call the elders together and instruct them to be humble and labor in love.

9 Write this and place it with the rest that I have given you, but send it not to the world as yet for I will come
again to you.”

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