The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fifteenth Message

He came to me while at the home of J. G. Pointer, 1041 West Van Horn Road, Independence, Missouri, on Sunday morning
at 4 o’clock, October 13, 1929, and was with me for about five minutes.

This is what he said:

1 “Grieve not over what man has done, this is not your work, but God’s work. They have not rejected you, but
they have rejected me, and the message I have brought from the Lord. And inasmuch as they have done this,
the Lord has rejected them, and their work.

2 Read these words, to the people, that I have given you, and be humble before God.”

3 Then he told me to keep the plans of the temple, and not give them to the world, and he told me a few
personal things that are not given here.

4 This was the next morning after conference had closed.

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