The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Sixteenth Message

Received at 4 a.m., October 27, 1929, at Port Huron, Michigan.

1 “I have come to you again, that you may not get discouraged in the work that the Lord has placed upon you.
You have seen that man is continually evil unless he is filled with the Spirit of God, and as it was in the days of
Noah, so it is now, the warning has come, and the warning must be taken to the nations of the earth; you have
borne witness to the Church of Christ, now you must bear witness of the message to others that Christ’s
coming is near; cry with a loud voice; fear not those whose hearts are filled with selfishness, and are seeking
their own glory, and not the glory of God.

2 Yours is a message of love, fear not those that oppose you, as I told you this is not your work, but the work of
the Lord. But be true to the trust the Lord has placed upon you, and all those that will help, God will bless. The
great day of judgment will soon be here, when God will judge the world in righteousness, and those that will
oppose the message shall stand condemned before him.

3 The greater your love, the greater your work shall be before the Lord. Preach the gospel, teach the people
repentance, that they may live in all righteousness before God, and that the temple must be built by people
whose hearts are filled with love, and whose hearts are pure and their hands clean. God will not accept the
work of men who are filled with evil, selfishness, and strife, this is an abomination before him.

4 Let your brethren labor in love with you, each in his place and calling; go from place to place, and house to
house, warn the people. If you are humble before the Lord your God, he will lead you and direct you from day to
day. Remember Satan will tempt you, and he will try you, and many times your faith will be weak, but if you will
not yield to the things Satan will bring before you, then your faith will become strong; others have yielded to the
whisperings of Satan and where they?

5 Go to those that are burdened in spirit, encourage the downcast. Love is you message, for that was the
message of Christ. Let all labor who can, that the work of preparing a people may go on in haste, for Christ’s
coming is near. The temple will be built by a people that are prepared; some will try to build it, but it will come to

6 The plans on the temple, that were here given, we were commanded to leave out.

7 The plans I give you from time to time on the temple, give not that to the world, nor to the enemy who has
rejected my message, and the Lord has rejected them as I told you. Place this with the message I gave you
before, and I told you to hold it, but now give it to the people as a warning, for it shall come to pass. I will come
to you from time to time to instruct you and give you the warning, for the time is near at hand when many things
shall come to pass and you shall know it.

8 If you shall remain humble, these things shall be given to you from time to time. Take not the advice of men,
for men’s hearts are filled with evil, they will lead you astray. Send the messages to the world, and those that
labor with you will be blessed. Amen.”

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