The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighteenth Message

The Messenger, John the Baptist, came to me at my home at 441 Rural Street, Port Huron, Michigan, January 6, 1930, at 12:
45 a.m., and was with me till 2:50 a.m. He stayed in my room and instructed me to write the following message:

1 “I come to you, my fellow servant. I am sent again in time of trouble, to warn you that Satan has filled the
hearts of men with evil. There are those who have seen your life; their minds are dark; selfishness has filled
their whole being and Satan is leading them away from the Lord and his work.

2 They have formed a band to destroy you and the message I have brought to you. They hate you and those that
will accept the message of the Lord. This is the time when Satan has great power among men, and will try to
destroy all good. Men and women are led to destruction everywhere. This is the time the Lord spoke of when
he said, ‘Great power will be given to Satan.’ This is the time when destruction will come to the earth. There is
a cry of peace but there is no peace. War, contention, strife, hate and destruction is in the hearts of men

3 The cleaning time has come. God, by his Spirit, will touch the honest in heart in all nations and will gather
them together to prepare a people that shall be his Church in very deed. I shall go before the Lord, to prepare
the way and prepare a people to meet Christ. This is my work.

4 I have come to you. I have brought a message; some have accepted it, others are rejecting it; nevertheless,
the words that I have brought are from the Lord. It will bring life, happiness and peace to some, and destruction
to those that reject it.

5 Take the message as I told you, from house to house; many will be glad to heed it. Preach repentance and
faith, for all must have faith in God and his work. All must repent and be baptized for the remission of sin, the
hands must be laid upon all, that the Spirit of God might come to the children of men in greater power, and it
will to those that are humble and full of love and have great faith in God.

6 This is the sifting time. Men’s hearts will be tried, but those that have faith in God, and will follow the
instructions given, will be blessed.

7 The Lord has seen in you great faith. You have not heeded the advice of men. You have been firm to stand by
the words the Lord has sent you, therefore, he has entrusted this work to you. Your faith will be tried more and
more, but you must deliver this message I have given you. Let others carry it to the children of men.

8 Save your strength as I told you, that you might be spared to do the work the Lord has entrusted to your care.
If you will not heed this warning, your time will be short.

9 Be kind to all men; this is God’s work. He will direct. Only the pure in heart and the humble in spirit can assist
in this great work, for this is only the beginning of the work that shall be done.

10 The Lord has chosen men to help you in this land, and in every nation under the sun, for he will gather the
honest in heart from the nations of the earth.

11 There will come conditions on the earth as have never been before. Labor shall rise up against those that
give employment to them, and those that have shall withhold their support from the needy. Waste is
everywhere, yet many shall go hungry, and many shall be in need.

12 Men shall go to and fro. Hate against their fellowmen shall increase and they shall destroy the hand that
feeds them. Let the wise go to the land, that they may escape the destructions that shall come upon the cities;
for it will come when the air will be on fire, and again the great war shall rage, for Satan will work in the hearts
of men to destruction.

13 Fear not, the lord will set up his Church in its completeness, and those that are honest in heart will come
into it. I laid my hands upon you that greater light, and greater power shall come to you. If you will be humble
and continue to do the things the Lord shall send to you, this light and power shall come to you as you shall
stand in need.

14 This message must be taken to England, to Wales, to Germany, to France, to Holland, to Mexico, to
Canada, and all parts of this country. The Lord will gather out men by his Spirit and his Spirit will bear witness
to you of their work. Many will be set apart to do this work.

15 In time other nations will be warned. Remember, as I told you, this is a time of haste. Release yourself of
those things that hinder you in this work, so that you may instruct the people; let your whole life be given to the
warning of the people; let nothing stand in your way, for lives must be saved from destruction. Be pleasant in
your work. Avoid the danger that shall come to you.

16 Have no part with men in the works of darkness, who are evil; they cannot help in this work, and in time their
work will be known to all men. Let them repent lest they be lost. There are those that wish to rule by might.
Verily I say unto you, they cannot rule by might, but they must rule by love.

17 I am John the Baptist. I am sent from God with full power and authority, to set in order, to prepare the way of
the Christ that shall come, to warn the people of the things that shall come to pass, to preach the gospel, to set
the Church in order. I come to you in light. I come to you in power. I come as the Messenger of the Lord, but I
come to you in love. I come to save the people from destruction. Will they heed it?

18 I will come again; yes, I will come from time to time, for I must give the instructions. For this work came I to
prepare the way, and much shall be given from time to time.”

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