The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Nineteenth Message

The Messenger came at 12:10 a.m., and was with me till 12:55 a.m., February 28, 1930, at my home at 441 Rural Street,
Port Huron, Michigan.

1 “I come to you with a message of warning. First, have no part in the work with those that reject the messages
I have brought from the Lord.

2 Second, don’t commit yourself to them; Satan will tempt you to do wrong. I will show you a vision of the world,
and the nations in it.”

3 It seems that I was in a large gathering in a city and everything was in commotion. There was fighting, and
some were lying in the streets. It looked as if they had been killed. And it seemed as if everyone was in
opposition and against the other. Things were in a general turmoil. Then that vision disappeared.

4 Then I saw a beautiful landscape; the very best of soil which was smooth and covered with a heavy growth of
grass and clover. A beautiful scene. There was a man plowing with a pair of fine horses that seemed to be well
fed. Good harness and plow. Everything seemed to be in the very best condition.

5 The man was in the prime of life. He had a beard and was well dressed and seemed to be in a perfect state
of contentment. His wife came to him, also his child, about five years old. They seemed to bring him
refreshments. They were also well dressed. As far as I could see, there seemed to be peace, happiness,
contentment, and prosperity. The vision disappeared.

6 I don’t know whether this was representing different conditions at different periods of time, or whether it was
only in different locations. The Messenger said:

7 “To them must go the warning that Christ’s coming is near. From it will the Lord gather the honest in heart.

8 Those who have rejected the message I have brought, their minds have become dark. They cannot see, for
they are following the whisperings of Satan.

9 The temple will be built by a people whose hearts are pure. God will not accept any unclean thing; nor the
work from men that will not follow the instructions given by his servant that he has sent.

10 But prepare ye a people for the Lord. Prepare a place of safety for the people of the Lord. Gather the honest
in heart. Prepare a place, for there is no place among the wicked for God’s people to abide.

11 Moses was hated by his own people, and those that should have been his friends became his enemies.
This has been the case in all ages. So it is now, but be careful in your work, for they will seek to destroy you.

12 For one hundred years the Lord waited and yet they have not heeded his words, this people that profess his
name; but the Lord will establish his Church in its fullness, and will do the work among the nations, but the
work will be done in haste.

13 Those that have rejected the message have rejected the Lord, and the Lord has also rejected them and
their work until they repent and are humble, and are baptized, that they may cleanse themselves of their sin.

14 Fear not man nor the works of man, but fear God and do right. Write no more to those that oppose the
message I brought, but encourage those who are willing to do the things I have told you.

15 To all those that will repent and be baptized and prepare themselves and walk humbly, the promise is that
they shall receive the greater light and power to carry on the work of the Lord.

16 Behold, there are those whose hearts are full of adultery and selfishness. There are those that have taken
that which is not their own. There are those that hate their brother and seek to destroy him. Behold, I say unto
you, the cannot have any part in this work, and are not of the household of faith.

17 Separate yourself from all those, and have no part with their works. If you will seek the Lord in prayer often,
he will give you the light you need. Save your strength. Be humble. Be wise in your work. Use love in your work,
but yield not to the traditions of men.

18 I have come to you this time to encourage you in your work, but greater trials will come to you. Your faith will
be tried more and more as this work will go on, for greater things will be done, and greater things will be
required at your hands.

19 Many will help you, but others will oppose you and the message I have brought. Fear not Satan nor his
works, but trust in the Lord and he will lead you.

20 Preach the gospel of life. Send it to all nations and people. See the wickedness of man. See Satan and his
work. Again, look at the suffering of those who cannot help themselves.

21 I will come to you again shortly, and will direct you in the things that must be done.

22 I am John the Baptist. I am he that shall prepare the way, and direct in the Lord’s work.”

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