The Word of the Lord
(Brought to Mankind by an Angel)

Second Message

The messenger who appeared to me February 4 was with me again from a little after 5 a.m. until 6 a.m., March 4, 1927.

On March 4 I awoke just in time to hear the clock strike five. I thought of getting up but thought I would just rest a few
minutes longer, when all at once my room became somewhat light. I looked at the window thinking that perhaps our
neighbors were getting up when all at once I saw the same messenger at my bed. I had raised up in bed to look out of the
window and remained in that position until he left. This is what he said:

1 “I am the man sent from God and my name is John. I am the Messenger to prepare the way. I am come
again that in the mouth of two or three witnesses all things shall be established. When I was here to see you
the last time I did not give you my name but what I told you about the Church is true and much more shall be
revealed to you from time to time. Come with me and I will show you a vision.”

2 In a few moments we were standing on the temple lot right in the middle of the lot and then the whole lot was
raised up so I could see, I thought, the whole world. All at once I saw a woman weeping. Her clothes were torn.
She was bleeding. Her face looked pale and worn, and she said, “Look!” and all around the temple lot was a
smooth level piece of land stretched out for a long way. It was made up of territory from all the lands and on it
were people standing, sober looking, worried. She said, “Oh, my children, come unto me that I may embrace
you. I love you and I want you to come to me.” They paid no attention to her. She wept and was grieved.

3 She said, “Look beyond!” I looked beyond and could see a great valley all around this level land. It was fog
and mist and I could see rushing torrents of rivers and could hear all kinds of yelling and noise. She said, “Oh,
some of my children are down there, they are in danger and some will be lost.” She wept again, then this vision

4 The Messenger said, “Come with me and I will show you another vision.” He took me to the northeast corner
of the temple lot and he said, “Look!” Here I could see men coming with their tools, going to the middle of the
temple lot laying their tools down. Some put on mason’s clothes; others carpenter’s aprons; but all were
solemn and quiet, and slowly they started to work on the temple.

5 The work started very slowly but it began to grow. Then I could see people come from every direction, but
when they got to the temple lot they would take off their hats, walk over to where they were at work, and a man
stood there with a treasury, and they would put something in and walk away, but would keep their hats off until
they were off the temple lot.

6 They were all colors and kinds, old and young, but they all acted alike.

7 Then the Messenger said, “Look!” and I looked up and saw the ground had also raised and I could see the
woman again but this time in a better dress. She looked up with a smile, her clothes were white, her hat was
very fine and becoming in the shape of a crown with twelve bright stars. Her children were coming to her from
every clime, even from the valley. The mist had raised. They were slowly building on the temple. To the west,
the east, north and the south, in the sky stood the figures in large letters “1929.”

8 The Messenger said, “I have shown you the vision and will come and see you again,” and he left. I was still
sitting up in bed and the clock struck 6 a.m.

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