The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twentieth Message

The Messenger was with me from 1 to 4:05 a.m., April 8, 1930, at the home of Brother J. G. Pointer, 1041 West Van Horn
Road, Independence, Missouri. During this time he sat on the edge of my bed and I talked with him face to face. At 4:05 he
commanded me to write the following message, remaining with me till 5:06 a.m.

1 “Arise and write the message I will give you, for great is the responsibility that I shall give you. Behold, the
men whom God has chosen have rejected the call and trust the Lord has placed upon them.

2 In their hearts they have rejected the message I have brought from time to time, and they are not willing to be
directed by the Lord their God, but they have hearkened to the voice of Satan and have followed him.

3 The authority and trust that God had placed upon those that have rejected the message that the Lord has
sent, yea, I say unto you, it has been taken from them and the Lord has committed it to others, who at this time
are willing to heed the voice of the Lord, and the message I shall give you.

4 For great is the work that must be done, and God will direct in the work that shall be done. The Kingdom of
God shall be established in its fullness. But with this message there comes a message of warning, that those
men that the Lord shall place in charge now, let them take heed lest they fail, for Satan will tempt them also.

5 As I told you, let C. A. Spilsbury be set apart with you and W. L. Gates, who has withdrawn from them. And let
Thomas B. Nerren, William R. Dexter, W. P. Buckley, George A. Backus, and Joseph H. Camp be set apart at
this time that the work might go on at present, and I will direct you as to the others whom God will chose to
carry on his work. Let these men with you be set apart as apostles, but with it I say unto you and to them, be
humble, that you might fill the office and calling the Lord has placed upon you.

6 And let Ralph E. Stone, Edwin G. Law, Arthur W. Bogue, A. O. MacArthur, Daniel Frappier and my servant, Dr.
Curtis, be placed in charge of the bishop’s office that the moneys so received may be in safe hands; and
inasmuch as these men will be humble in their work, the Lord will bless them in their work, and much will be
done to the glory of God.

7 Let the Church be established in other lands, that the gospel might be preached, and the warning be taken to
all nations, as I shall direct you from time to time.

8 Let nothing disturb your minds; cast behind you the traditions of men. Let the hands be laid upon those that I
have told you, that the light and power of God may come to them to the extent that they will humble themselves,
that light may come to them. Let the elders also be set apart, but let none take part in this work until they have
come in by the door and have been baptized for the remission of their sins, that they may be a pure people, and
that God may use them in his work to his glory, and the carrying on of his work. Have no part with those that
have rejected the message I have brought and will bring to you, for the Lord will direct in all things that shall be

9 Fear not about the temple; this is in the Lord’s hands. Temples will be built that God has not commanded to
build, but the Lord will direct in all things. He knows the hearts of men. Some who have rejected the message
will repent; others will go to destruction.

10 Let your hearts be filled with love to all men. Many will accept the warning and will repent and will live lives
that are pure before God.

11 The Lord has sent me to this home and to this place; the Lord will hear the prayers of his children. Save
your strength, be humble all in your work, be true to the great trust the Lord has placed upon you, and the Lord
will bless you by his Spirit and you with your brethren shall be a blessing to the world.

12 I will come to you from time to time. Fear not, many will help in the great work that is before you. Be at peace
with all men and God will bless you and your labors. Amen.”

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