The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twenty-first Message

The Messenger, John the Baptist, came to me at my home, 441 Rural Street, Port Huron, Michigan, at 9:20 a.m., May 16,
1930, and was with me until 10:40 a.m. This was in the forenoon, the first time he has ever come to me in daytime. I had a
good look at him. I asked him about the robe he wore, and he said it was the robe his father wore when he officiated in the
temple in his day. I asked him a few more questions that I do not care to give, but I give you the message he told me to

1 “Fear not for the message I bring, for thus far the Lord has accepted the work you have done. Again the Lord
has spoken and the warning is going to the world: Repent! Repent! for the Kingdom of God is among men.

2 A warning is given of Christ’s coming that is near, remember the word he spoke to his servants of old. So
does he speak to his servants now. The Lord has called you to do a work in this day and time as others have
done in their day.

3 As Satan has tempted you in the past, so will he continue to tempt you, and to hinder the Lord’s work. As he
has tempted you, so will he also tempt your brethren that labor with you and all those that will help in taking this
message of warning to the people.

4 As I told you in the Fourth Message, this power is at work to destroy. Watch ye and see, that you may
understand the warning of the Lord.

5 The greater power has not yet come, because the Church has not been established in its fullness. Prepare
ye a people that the greater power may come to all that will prepare themselves.

6 As it was in the days of Moses, be ye ready for to go to a place of safety, for the Lord will direct. Set not your
hearts on riches, for they will fade away. Let each one labor and save, but do this only from day to day, for trying
times will come to all.

7 The Lord will direct his people, those that will trust him and obey him. I have again brought to you the
authority of the Son of God, and the Lord has called you to do the work as the apostles of old. Remember, there
is no greater power given to man than that of the Son of God, and he has entrusted this to you and your
brethren. Therefore, keep it sacred, lest it will be taken from you, and this shall be your sign that it has been
taken from you, for your hearts will be filled with selfishness and sin, and your minds will be darkness, and
your hearts filled with unbelief.

8 Follow not the traditions of men, for the Lord will direct in his own way. Seek not to please man, but keep the
commandments of God. The Lord will direct further that the Church will be established in its fullness, but
prepare ye a people. As I told you, many will help in this work.

9 I have given you the plans of the temple. Remember, they are sacred, for this is the house of the Lord that
shall be built, and it must be built as the Lord has directed you, therefore, keep these plans holy for the house
that shall be holy unto the Lord. Let no man treat lightly the plans the Lord has sent to you.

10 Take warning, those that the Lord has called, let them be at work somewhere for the Lord has need of
them. Let them preach repentance and warn the people. Seek not to please men but take your message in
love to all men, and keep the commandments of God.

11 I am instructed of the Lord to instruct you in all things, that the Church will be established in its fullness, that
the gospel will be preached to all nations and people. The Lord will lead and direct his people, those that will
be humble and full of love and will be led.

12 Let C. C. Spilsbury, Philip A. Ely, C. H. Storey, A. E. Gratz, J. W. Savage, John Allshouse, Buel Payne, H. L.
MacPherson, C. F. Hart, H. B. Miner, William Mather, Roy E. Fetting, Russel Ely, George Cummins, be set apart
as elders. Let Harold Frazer, J. V. Johnson, and John Spilsbury be set apart to labor as priests in the Church.
Let each one labor in his calling and with love in their hearts. Remember, the harvest is great and the sheaves
are ungathered. Let the women seek to labor where they can, warn your friends and the stranger at your door.

13 Read the messages I have brought from time to time, study them, heed ye the warning that is given, teach it
to all people, be ye united in your work, for nations are in distress and sorrow is in the hearts of many, and
people and nations shall yet cry to the Lord for help.

14 Take no part in the craze of the world, but be wise in your work and supply yourself with that you stand in
need of; keep out of debt and save, for the day will come that you will rejoice because you have heeded the

15 Let those that have, pay their tithe and offering that the work may go on and the warning be taken to all the
world. For this is the Word of the Lord. He that will heed the warning will gain thereby. He that will not heed will
suffer and lose in the end. Live in peace with all men, for the Lord will gather his elect, and bring them to a
place of safety; for destruction will come.

16 Remember, the great controversy between Christ and Satan is on. This is the time when men’s hearts will
be tried. Take the message I have given you to the people and let them choose whom they will serve; but take it
in love. Be ye humble in your work and true to the trust the Lord has placed upon you. Let righteousness and
justice follow you wherever you go.

17 Remember, the Lord wants a tried people, therefore your path is hard at times; but the Lord will help you
and direct you as your faith will be.

18 I will come to you from time to time to direct in the great work that will be done. Be ye true to your call. As I
say to you so say I to all. Amen.”

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