The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twenty-second Message

The Messenger came to me at my home, 441 Rural Street, Port Huron, Michigan, at 7:25 p.m., and left at 8:40 p.m., July 29,

1 “Satan has delayed me three days in coming to you with the message I will give you. Write it, and send it to
the world.

2 Remember, Satan has great power. He has enthroned himself in the minds of the people by the traditions he
has planted in the hearts of all men, and the pleasure of the world, and pride; so that he has the controlling
power among those that claim to love the Lord. Be not deceived by him.

3 I come to remind you of the warning I have brought, and this warning is to all people.

4 As you read the message I have brought, read the words of Christ and the prophets, for the same Lord has
spoken. I have come from the presence of the Lord your God. The words I speak are his words, the message I
have brought is his message, a warning to all people, and nations. Change them not, for the Lord has sent
them. You have been entrusted therewith. See that no man change them.

5 Fear not man, for he is as the grass of the field, here today and gone tomorrow. Fear God and keep his
commandments, and it will be well with thee. The people must be warned. Take this message to the Jew and
to the Gentile, for the time has come when the gospel must go to the Jew and to Israel as a people, for they will
again go to the land that God promised to them in the covenant he made with Abraham.

6 For all must stand before the judgment to receive as their works shall be, and all shall have a chance to save
themselves from the wrath to come, for the prophet Daniel spoke of this day and the things that shall come to

7 Man will say, ‘Oh that these things were hid from me, for my heart burneth within me and my bones are weak.
What next will it be that shall come to pass?’

8 Some will say, ‘How shall I know that this is of God?’ Have you not read the prophets of old? Did Jesus not
tell you of these times that you see? For the Lord has spoken and sent me with the message as in the days of
Noah. Will you heed his words? Or will you reject it as in the days of old?

9 Verily, verily, the Lord has spoken, and it shall come to pass. It will be well with him that will follow his words
in time of trouble; but sad will be the hearts that will follow their own way, and will say in their hearts, ‘These
things will never come to pass.’

10 Let those that come to the Church of Christ come in humility and prepare themselves to work in love, for
God wants a humble people, for great is the work that is before you.

11 For thus the Lord commanded me to instruct you in all things, that you might send the warning to the
people. Verily, verily, it is expedient that the gospel be taken to all nations and people, and a warning of Christ’s
coming. Many things will come to pass, for the Lord God has spoken, and has sent me as his messenger to
prepare the way before him.

12 For the Lord Almighty will stretch forth his arm and will scourge the nations. Repent ye, for your wickedness
has come up before the Lord your God; for the Lord will cut short the time in righteousness, for there shall be
wars, and plagues, and the destruction will come, for the Lord will humble the people that they may inquire of
him, and walk in his ways.

13 Young men will suffer, and children will be fatherless, and women will weep for husbands, and all the world
will lament and weep, and the rich will howl when their riches will fade away, yet Satan will work for he knows
his days are short.

14 Remember: Zion shall not be moved out of her place, nor Jerusalem from her former dwelling place, for the
Lord made a covenant with Israel at Horeb, and he will gather his people that are obedient, in their land. And
their cities shall again be cleansed and righteousness shall again be in its borders. And the Lord shall
remember them, and they shall accept Christ as their Savior, and the gospel as their law forever.

15 And this nation shall be cleansed, and then shall it be Zion, for the Lord will bless this land and the people
that will keep his commandments and walk in humility before him. But the heady and highminded he will visit
with destruction, and those that have robbed the widow and fatherless, and have taken that which is not their

16 For there are those that have taken that which is not theirs, they have polluted the land with their
unrighteousness, they have filled their hearts with vanities and unbelief, they have sought their own glory,
therefore the Lord will not accept their offerings, and will not hearken unto their prayers, save it be a few who
are humble before him.

17 Behold, they have taken that which is not their own; they have lied that they might get gain; they have taken
from the aged, and they will not part with their substance to feed the poor and needy, but they have taken the
widow’s mite in unrighteousness and have used it for their pleasure, and the gospel work they have treated as
naught, yet they have said, ‘We love the Lord.’

18 Oh man, thou that profess the name of the Lord, remember the eyes of the Lord are upon you; you cannot
continue in your unrighteous ways before the Lord your God who has created thee. He is longsuffering and full
of mercy, but he will reward thee as thy works will be.

19 There are those that have robbed the Lord of one-tenth of that which was the Lord’s. They have taken it for
their pleasure, and have said in their hearts, ‘This is mine.’ ‘Hearken unto me, says the Lord your God, all that
thou hast I have given thee, and I shall require one-tenth thereof, that the poor that are poor indeed may be fed;
that the gospel may be preached, and the Kingdom of God might be established on earth in its fullness, and
the Church set in order in its completeness.’

20 I have come to you to exhort you; to instruct you; to bring to you the words and instructions of the Lord; that all
people may understand more clearly the words of the Lord, and the things that shall come to pass; for I am the
Messenger of the Lord to prepare the people for his coming, and a place to come to; to set the Church in order,
and to instruct the people in humility that they may prepare themselves for his coming, for the Lord will bless
those that will do the things he commands.

21 I have been sent to you, for you are of the seed of Abraham, and the Levites, thine forefathers, have
ministered in the house of the Lord. Be thou humble, isolate yourself from the business world that you might
commune with the Lord your God, for this is a day when trying times will come upon the earth.

22 Instruct the people as they shall come to you, to be humble and full of love; save your strength as I told you,
or your time will be short.

23 I will come to you from time to time to bring light; to direct; to help; and instruct the people of the Lord; to
warn the world, that none will have an excuse at the last day. Amen.”

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