The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twenty-third Message

The Messenger came to my home near Port Huron, Michigan, at 9:45 a.m., and left at 10:55 a.m., October 31, 1930.

1 “I have come to you from time to time to instruct you in the things that must be done, and to warn you of the
many things that shall come to pass. The work is great that is before you and I will come to you often and give
you line upon line that you may read it, and read the words of the Lord to the prophets of old when they spoke of
these times. For this is the beginning of sorrow spoken of by Christ, when he said, ‘Take heed that no man
deceive you.’ For verily men’s hearts are filled with evil, greed, selfishness, murder, hate and sin.

2 Therefore, let your hearts be filled with love. Pray often that your humility may be seen and felt by all men, and
fit yourselves for the great work that is before you, that God may use you to his glory and help bring others to the

3 Follow not after the traditions of men, for they will lead you to destruction. For Satan will do all in his power to
blind the mind of man to lead him away from God.

4 There are thousands who will accept the message the Lord has sent and the instructions I have brought to
you, for the Lord will send his Spirit that will touch the hearts of men, and the Spirit that the Lord will give to his
servants will bring peace to many.

5 Be not contentious for this is Satan’s work; work in love with one another and with all men. Warn the people
of the things I told you and let them judge, for the Lord will require it at their hands.

6 Take the message from house to house as I told you, for this is a time of haste. Preach the gospel to the
people in its fullness, for the Lord will give you the words to speak, but be humble in your work.

7 Let Thomas B. Nerren prepare to take the message the Lord has sent to you, and the authority the Lord has
sent with the message, to England. Let him baptize and set apart William Memmott as an elder in the Church
of Christ, and let him carry the message to others in that great nation, that the gospel might be preached in its
fullness and the Church started, for the Lord has favored that nation, for truly many righteous are in its borders,
and behold the king has been favored of the Lord, for his heart is filled with justice.

8 Let him go to Wales and baptize Thomas R. Jenkins, and set him apart as an elder in the Church of Christ,
that he may take the gospel to others in his land, and the Church be started in that place. For the Lord has
looked upon this man with favor because his heart is filled with love to God and his fellow man.

9 Let him go to Germany and take the message and authority to that nation, that the gospel may be preached
in its fullness and the Church be started. Let him baptize Waldemar Korth and set him apart as an elder in the
Church of Christ, and let this servant of the Lord take the message to other places in foreign lands, and to
Holland, as the Lord will instruct from time to time. But let Thomas B. Nerren not remain in the foreign land only
for a short time as the Lord has need of him here, in his work, but let him remember that Satan will do all in his
power to hinder him in his work. But let the message be taken in love, for trials will come to all.

10 Let George A. Backus go to the mountain states for a time, to assist in the work at that place, for the people
are honest in heart, and many are seeking for the truth. Let them labor in love, for the Lord will direct in his
work, and his servants, if they are humble before him.

11 Let C. A. Spilsbury take the message in Canada and the eastern states from city to city and place to place,
and let E. G. Law assist him in this work, for the Lord has need of them.

12 Let A. E. Gratz and J. V. Roberts labor as they can from place to place, but let their work be to those that are
yet in sin, preaching the gospel and taking the warning to the people, for many are honest in heart, and they will
obey the message I have brought to you. But let them remember that danger is in their pathway, for Satan will
do all in his power to hinder.

13 Let the pastors be humble in their work that they may save their flocks, for Satan will seek to destroy and
cause mistrust and destruction.

14 Let W. R. Dexter assist you in your work, and labor in the regions round about, that you might save your
strength, for the Lord will be with you and direct you. Let no one be idle, for all must labor somewhere, or their
mind will be in darkness, for the Lord will not assist an idler.

15 Let Joseph H. Camp labor in the southwest, as he can, for many are seeking for light, for the traditions of
men have blinded them.

16 Let W. P. Buckley remain in the West, as his work is pleasing unto the Lord, but let those among whom he
labors assist him in his work that the work may not suffer.

17 As you prepare the people, so shall also a place of safety be prepared, for the Lord will direct his people,
and the law shall go forth from the temple of the Lord to all nations and peace shall reign, but those that shall
oppose the plans the Lord has given, will not be there.

18 Keep the law of the Lord in all things and keep ye the Sabbath day holy unto the Lord. Let your fastings be in
humility that the Lord will hear your prayers in the hour of your need.

19 Woe, ye cities, to whom I have come and have brought the warning of the Lord. Repent! Repent ye! and
seek the Lord now. For the day cometh when ye shall repent with broken hearts to seek the Lord who will be
slow to hear your cry.

20 I am the Messenger sent from the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, hear ye his words today, for he has
spoken to all nations; he changes not; he will hear your prayers if you will serve him and keep his
commandments. Give ear, O ye people of the earth; hear his warning today.

21 I will come to you from time to time until the Church is established in its fullness and the temple of the Lord
is built, from which his law shall go to all nations. Be humble in your work, save your strength, as I told you, for
your burdens will be hard to bear. Amen.”

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