The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twenty-fifth Message

The Messenger came to me at my home near Port Huron, Michigan, Sunday evening, March 29, 1931. These are the words
as he gave them to me, and told me to write them:

1 “I have been sent to you from the Lord. Withhold not the words of the Lord from the inhabitants of the earth.
Hearken and hear, ye people, for the Lord your God has spoken to all nations. Let no one stand between you
and your God, lest you betray the trust the Lord has placed upon you.

2 Some will not believe until destruction will come, and they will suffer therefrom. Remember, you will be hated
by friends and loved ones, but for this cause were you born, for the work that is to be done is so great that man
cannot comprehend it, for the glory of God shall yet be seen, and his power manifested.

3 The Lord has sent me to warn the nations, and after this warning will come destruction, wars, pestilence,
famine, and earthquakes, as never have been, for the Lord wants a holy people.

4 The Church of Christ shall receive greater power as I told you, and the Lord will draw the honest in heart to
him by his Spirit, and they shall keep his law, for the gospel of Christ shall be preached to all nations and then
shall the end come.

5 Go to the assembly in peace. Let your work be in love, for Satan shall try to discourage, and seek to destroy.
Many will come to seek for truth. Let there be no contention among you, for the Lord shall require peace at your

6 Let the message be taken from nation to nation, from state to state, from city to city, from house to house,
from heart to heart, for all must be warned of the things that will come to pass.

7 There are those that doubt the message, and are discouraged, but if they will keep the commandments of
the Lord, their reward is sure. There are those that are filled with traditions of men, and are deprived of many
blessings. There are those that are a law unto themselves, they have no part in this work, for the Lord will not
accept of them and their works.

8 There are those that have been slothful in their calling, and have treated lightly the message from the Lord.
Let them repent, lest Satan darken their minds and the Lord reject them.

9 The Lord has seen your struggles, and the opposition of Satan, to destroy you and the Lord’s work. Much has
been accomplished, but greater work shall be done, for the time is short. Remain humble, heed not the advice
of men, nor your friends or loved ones. Let those that hinder depart from you, for this is the Lord’s work.

10 I have been instructed to direct the Lord’s work, and the work that shall be done, and will come from time to
time and direct the Lord’s people as in the days of Moses.

11 The evil forces will seek to destroy you, and the Lord’s work. The time will come when your life will be in
greater danger, like Elijah of old. As you meet in the assembly, counsel not your God, but seek ye counsel and
wisdom at his hands.

12 Despise not the young in their efforts, nor speak ye lightly of the aged, for all must help, for the Lord will
bless the humble, and will reward those that seek him in love.

13 The message I have brought from the Lord is to Catholic and Protestant, to Jew and Gentile, to bond and
free, for all have gone away from the commandments of the Lord, and the Lord is no respecter of persons.

14 Repent, ye ministers of pleasure, for your worship is not of the heart, your prayers are only from the lips, and
an outward show, and this is an abomination unto the Lord. For your effort is to get gain and your hearts are full
of greed; therefore, the wrath of God is kindled against the hypocrite, and the hireling, for they shall receive the
greater damnation, for the Lord will send a scourge and destruction in the land; and he shall cleanse the
people of darkness and superstition and your mockery shall come to an end.

15 Many have said, ‘Lord, Lord’, yet they have their idols in their hearts, and will not follow in the ways of their
God. But the time will come when their cries shall be heard, when through suffering they will learn obedience.

16 I will come to you and instruct in the work that shall be done that all may labor in love. Let those that can take
the message, rid themselves of debt, and the burdens of life, that they may be free to go as the Lord will direct.

17 Let each one save that the burdens may be lightened, and that the gospel message may be taken to
Mexico, to Australia, to New Zealand. Let William R. Dexter labor in Chicago, and the regions round about, that
the work may be started, and the warning go to that wicked city, for many are honest in heart.

18 Let Thomas Bennett and Robert Wilkins be set apart as elders in the Church of Christ, and let them labor in
Toronto, and the region round about, for many are honest in heart. But their faith is weak and their hope has
been blighted, because of the conditions of the past, but let them remember as they labor, that Satan will seek
to tempt them, for he knows their weakness, therefore be ye strong, lest you destroy yourself.

19 Let Henry Humphrey labor as he can. Let him take the message from house to house. Let his work be in
love, for many will be brought to the light.

20 Save your strength, for the Lord has a great work for his people. Be not discouraged, for the Lord will direct.

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