The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twenty-seventh Message

The Messenger came to me at my home near Port Huron, Michigan, September 2, 1931, and as with me from 11:30 a.m., till
12:30 p.m., and commanded me to write the following:

1 “I am the Messenger of the Lord. I have come from the presence of the Lord your God. John the Baptist is my
name. I am a prophet of the Lord. Hear ye nations and repent of your sinful ways, for the Lord will not spare him
that will continue to do evil. The heart of man is filled with iniquity, his mind with mischief. Selfishness and
greed has brought murder and crime among you. Satan has done his work, and man has followed his way,
therefore, he will reap the harvest he has sown.

2 Repent! Repent! Oh ye slothful and disobedient. You have turned away from the laws of your God, and the
commandments he has given. You have not heeded the promptings of the Spirit of the Lord, but your hearts
have been filled with lusts of the flesh, and you have followed the spirit of the wicked one, and his works you
have done.

3 The day of trouble is before you. Hate is in the heart of man. Nations have turned away from God, and Satan
has control of the hearts of men, and he will bring to pass in his allotted time his work, for his time is short,
when he will deceive the nations no more.

4 For the Lord your God will establish his Kingdom and his Church forever. The Lord has chosen whom he
will, that his work might be done in righteousness. He will direct his people, those that will trust him and obey
his commandments that he has given, and will give, from time to time.

5 Many hearts will be sad at times for some will not hearken to the words of the Lord, but in their way will they
seek to direct and counsel the Lord and his work. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.

6 There will be those that will help with all their might, and their reward is sure. The Lord will be with the
humble, and with those who are filled with love.

7 Let none be idle for much must be done, for as I have told you this is a time of haste. Therefore, let Thomas
Evanson, Clark Buckley, C. M. Beld, Joseph F. Cleveland, Paul Dexter, Ambrose C. DeWolf, Arthur W.
Rathbone, be set apart as elders in the Church of Christ, and let them take the message to the people and
nations, that they may be warned. Let Martin Huonker be set apart as an elder that he may labor in Germany
and help to take the message to the honest in heart, for much must be done in that nation.

8 Let the messages I have brought to you be translated in Spanish, in Hebrew and in Norwegian and Swedish,
so that the message can be taken to those nations in their own language and tongue, but see that it is
translated correctly, for this is very important in this work. Much is required of you, and much will depend on the
work that you shall do, for the Lord has entrusted this in your care. Isolate yourself that your mind may be at
peace. Let others take the message and preach the gospel to the world.

9 There are those that will help in writing the message and assist in the translating. Let them do it.

10 Hear ye! Hear ye! Oh ye people of the Lord! Be humble in your work. Have your hearts filled with love for all
men. Be ye at peace. Go to the land. Gather ye in groups where you can worship the Lord your God in peace,
that the Spirit of God may remain among you. Use wisdom as you buy your land, lest those of the world will
deceive you in your purchase.

11 For the Lord will gather the honest in heart from all nations, and he will cleanse this nation, that his people
may live in peace, but avoid the cities lest ye be caused to suffer with them.

12 Beware, be careful in your travels for Satan will seek to destroy and hinder the Lord’s work that I told you to
do. This is a time of turmoil and distress, for Satan will send destruction everywhere. Build ye upon the
foundation Christ has laid.

13 Remember, there is safety in the light I have brought to you, therefore follow the instruction that I have given
you. Let your mind be open to receive the words of the Lord, that his people may be directed in all things to their

14 Prepare ye, that nations may be warned. Take the message from house to house, from city to city. Let the
elders also take it to the country, that all may be warned, for the harvest is great. Let the Lord direct. He will

15 I shall come again and instruct you. Amen.”

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