The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twenty-eighth Message

The Messenger came to me at my home near Port Huron, Michigan, January 24, 1932, and was with me from 11:45 a.m., to
12:45 p.m., and left the following message:

1 “ ‘Thus saith the Lord your God: Hearken ye nations and hear, ye inhabitants of the earth! Your sins have
come up before me; you have rejected my laws and my commandments that I have given you, and instead you
have heaped unto yourselves the traditions and commandments of men. Your hearts are filled with
selfishness and murder, and divers kinds of sins. Satan has filled your hearts with doubts and unbelief, and
he holds full sway in your hearts. Therefore, the whole earth is in commotion, and the honest in heart must
suffer because of the unjust.

2 Therefore, thus saith the Lord your God to the humble, the honest in heart, to those that seek for truth and
righteousness: Come out of her lest ye suffer with the ungodly, and partake of her punishment; for my wrath is
against the ungodly, against the liars and hypocrites and those that count my commandments as naught. I
have sent the destroyer and devourer in the land, and I will punish the nations and the inhabitants of the earth,
that they may become humble and inquire about me and my commandments.

3 I am God, I change not. My laws are to all nations and all people, and my word to all generations. Therefore
have I given my gospel to be preached, that people might repent and come unto me, and I am again
establishing my Church as in the days of old, and my Kingdom shall never be destroyed.

4 Come out of her ye that seek truth, for my word is truth and my law changes not. Christ will come to his own,
and his Church, that is again being established as in the days of old. There is no other way than Christ’s way;
there is no church but his Church; all others are the works of men.

5 My temple will be built by those who will prepare themselves in righteousness and in humility, for none shall
be accepted by me whose hearts are filled with unrighteousness. Holy, holy is my house that shall be built,
and only that which is holy shall enter therein.

6 Thus saith the Lord your God: To my servants that I have chosen, be ye one. Let love fill your souls and
humility be in your hearts. Contend not among you; let each one labor as I will direct, that my work may go on in
haste. Let the twelve apostles that I have chosen and will choose, and the bishops counsel together often, for
much will be required of you, for the great burden of the whole Church has been placed upon you. To all
nations you must carry the message and warning I have sent, and the gathering of my people from all nations
to this land, and the Jew to his land, that Israel receive her portion as I have promised them.

7 Thus saith the Lord your God: I have sent my servant John to you with the message, for behold he is my
choice, and for that purpose was he born, that he might take my message and my covenants that I have made.
He shall prepare the way before Christ as in former days; John the Baptist is his name. All that he has brought
and all that he shall bring has come from my presence, and my words that I have sent shall judge you in the
last day.

8 Let Joseph H. Camp labor as much as he can in Mexico and its borders; let Thomas B. Nerren labor in
Canada and the western part; let W. L. Gates labor in Wisconsin and northwestern states; let C. A. Spilsbury
labor in Toronto, Ontario, and eastern states; let Ray Griffith labor in Washington and coast states. The work
that has been done by my servants, G. A. Backus and W. P. Buckley, has been pleasing unto me, and let them
continue in their labors in the mountain states. Let H. L. MacPherson prepare his work and set his home in
order that he may labor in New York and eastern coast states. Let W. R. Dexter continue in his efforts at
Chicago for much must be done in that wicked city. Let John Allshouse labor in Ohio, Indiana and the South.
Let my servant, Otto Fetting, continue his labors as I will direct from time to time, but let him remember the
warning I have given him from time to time.

9 Let C. M. Schryer labor in western and central Michigan; let Robert Orme be set apart and labor in southern
Missouri and Arkansas; let C. J. Crandall labor in Indiana and Ohio. Let James Beld be set apart and labor in
Kentucky. Let Roy E. Fetting prepare himself in humility that he may be useful in my service and to my glory.

10 Let the work at Royal Oak and Detroit and round about continue, for much can yet be done, but let it be done
in humility and love. Let the work in Toronto be done with much preaching on the street and from house to
house; let the work in Independence and Kansas City be done by street preaching and messages from house
to house.

11 Let the messages be printed in German, and as I have told you, that the work may be carried on in haste,
and I the Lord your God will direct you in the future as to my work that shall be done if you will live in humility
before me.

12 Let the assembly be held in peace; contend not among yourselves, for this is my work, and I the Lord your
God will direct your way, if you will have faith in my words. Let the bishops be humble, not slothful; let them read
the messages I have sent that their work might be plain before them.

13 Much will come to pass and much sorrow; go to the land for it will be the best, that you may have food; be
content with that you will have from time to time, for sorrow will come.

14 I the Lord will direct you as to other nations and their work, for the warning must go to all. Fill your hearts
with love, weep with those that weep, and rejoice that ye are the children of your God.’

15 These words was I instructed to bring to you from the Lord. I am your fellow servant, and a messenger sent
from the presence of the Lord your God. I will come to you from time to time; save your strength; be mindful of
the many instructions I have brought to you from the Lord, and if you will do this the Spirit of the Lord will be with
you in your work. Amen.”

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