The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Twenty-ninth Message

The Messenger came to me at my home, near Port Huron, Michigan, September 9, 1932, and was with me from 3 p.m., to 3:
40 p.m., and left the following message:

1 “I am sent to you with the words of the Lord. I have come to instruct you and the Church and bring a warning
to all the people, for all nations must be warned of the things that are coming upon the earth, for all must know
the will of the Lord.

2 As you talk to the people be in earnest, that they may not treat the message lightly, but be pleasant as you
meet the people, for they have been led away by the traditions of men, and have suffered much by their folly.

3 For thus says the Lord, ‘I have given my commandments to those that have named my name to serve me,
and have made a covenant with me. I speak to those that are the Church of Christ and to all that will become
my people and my bride. I have given to mine apostles their charge, and instructed them to do my work in all
the world. Be ye not slothful in your work, for I shall require it at your hands at the last day.

4 I have given to mine elders their work, and I shall require it of them in the last day; therefore, be ye not slothful
lest you lose your reward.

5 I have given to the bishops their work and mission, and I shall also require their stewardship at the last day,
for the Lord has entrusted this great work to you that his law shall be kept; be ye therefore not slothful for your
work is no idle tale.

6 I have given the women their work that the message might be taken to the homes that all may be warned, for
I have heard the cries of the people that have been led away by the traditions of men, and my Spirit shall feel
after them.

7 Find not fault with one another, for all have their work to do and I the Lord shall require it at the last day.

8 Contend not about local work for your work is to all people and nations, and this I say to all.

9 The contentions of the world will grow worse and worse, and your faith will be tried as that of Job; but be ye
the children of peace.

10 Destruction will follow after destruction, bloodshed, famine, storms and floods; yea, men will rise up
against their fellowmen and smite them. Pestilence and plagues will sweep the nations. Again shall come
contentions after contentions, but have ye no part in them for your mission is one of peace.’

11 Send a man to Europe next year that the Church may be more fully established there, for they are in need of
help, for the Lord will bless their work.

12 Worry not about the temple, for there are those whose hearts are filled with hate, selfishness, jealousy,
strife and contention; verily, I say unto you and to them, they shall not hinder when the day cometh when the
Lord will build his house. Therefore, keep the plans sacred that the Lord has committed to you.

13 Let Harold Frazer be set apart as a bishop, that the work in Toronto and Canada may not suffer, but let him
counsel with all the bishops that as one man they may see all their work.

14 Let the work continue in Detroit and regions far and near, for many are seeking for truth.

15 Isolate yourself, for I have many things to give you, but the Lord knows your strength, and I will come again
to you shortly.”


September 29, 1932, at 2 a.m., the Messenger came to my home near Port Huron, Michigan, and said:

16 “Come with me and I will show you things that shall be hereafter.”

17 It seemed we traveled eastward like one who is gently floating down a stream of water till we came to flat
stone lying on the top of a high mountain. Both the Messenger and I sat down on this stone, and looking north
from this place an immense panorama of landscape, rivers, lakes, large bodies of water and cities opened
before our eyes. Far in the distance we saw a beautifully lighted city, so well lighted that even the alleys and
darker portions of the city were clearly discernable. The city was built upon seven hills and we saw thousands
of people walking in its streets.

18 We saw a man sitting in a large chair in the shape of a throne. He was dressed in linen and wore a
skullcap of the same material. Around his neck was a string of pearly beads, his fingers were bedecked with
gold and diamonds, while upon his wrists hung huge bracelets of gold also studded with diamonds. Many of
those who were walking the streets had come from other nations bringing their moneys in the form of gold,
silver and currency. These they brought and laid at the feet of the man who sat upon the throne, kissing his
hands and feet, piling the gold, silver and currency separately in huge piles all around him.

19 The Messenger said, “With the money, the people have brought to the man that sits upon his throne, he has
bought himself great power in all nations, and he has now the ruling power in the United States.”

20 I observed that this man who sat upon the throne would at times send out messages to all churches
purporting to make peace, but all his messages were sent out with a view of furthering his own interests to his
own gain. However, when he saw that he could not accomplish his purposes by this means, he started war
among the nations.

21 Some nations joined him wholeheartedly, others became divided, still others took but little part in it at first.
England and Germany were divided into two factions, one faction of each nation going with the armies of the
man who sat upon his throne, the others going with the armies who opposed him. Norway, Sweden, Holland
and Switzerland took but little part at first, but later all nations became involved during which time there was
much fighting and bloodshed in the United States.

22 When the war started, the man upon his throne changed his robe and cap to that of purple, and these
words appeared in the heavens, “SEVEN YEARS.” And they brought him a golden cup on which was written,
“THE BLOOD OF THE RIGHTEOUS MEN,” and he drank the contents of it. A little later they brought him a
smaller cup on which was written, “THE BLOOD OF SAINTS,” and he also drank the contents of it.

23 Through the long, hotly contested and bloody battles the armies of both the man who sat upon his throne
and his enemies became weakened, and the seat of the conflict changed. There appeared in the north and
east a great army to fight against the man who sat upon his throne. This army was terrible and the man who
sat upon his throne changed his robe and cap to those of scarlet, and the people who had formerly opposed
him began to migrate to the United States, coming from England, Germany and other nations. Parts of
Germany and England, with the whole of the United States became one nation in purpose, and there was great
peace in the United States. The British Empire never became united again, as a nation.

24 But the armies from the north and east were strong, and their fighting was brutal, much more brutal than
was the fighting during the first war waged against the man who sat upon his throne. After these armies had
fought for some time these words again appeared in the heavens: “SEVEN YEARS” and shortly after, these

25 Then there appeared in the heavens, angels with large vials or bottles, and poured some of the contents
down upon the armies, and there arose a great smoke red as blood, and a stench that was terrible, of human
flesh, and the armies fought all the harder.

26 As we sat there and looked upon this terrible scene, the Messenger said, “These things shall come to pass
hereafter.” Then there appeared a large black cloud that shut out our vision; we turned to the east and Christ
appeared in the heavens going west. I followed him with my eye as he continued west, and in the far off west I
could see the temple, its walls and dome glittering in the distance, and there was wonderful peace. We
returned to my home and the Messenger said, “Write what you have seen and I will be back.” He left and the
clock struck 4 a.m.

The Messenger came to me at my home, near Port Huron, Michigan, October 25, 1932, and was with me about
twelve minutes, and left the balance of the message:

27 “The things I have shown you, place them with the rest that are now in print, that all may know what shall be
hereafter, and that the Lord has sent me from time to time, for they will surely come to pass.

28 Heed ye not the prophecies of man, lest they deceived you, but keep the commandments of the Lord.

29 Worry not, and fret not yourself about those that heed not the message; their time will come when to their
sorrow and regret they shall know the Lord has spoken.

30 Be ye saving in your traveling, lest ye be burdensome to the people; send your moneys as tithing and
offerings to the treasury of the Lord that the bishop may have means, that others may go and take the message.

31 Save yourself, let others care for the messages; make your burdens light, that you may receive the words of
the Lord from time to time.

32 Many shall weep and lament, and shall seek counsel, for sad are the days that are coming on the earth.

33 I shall come from time to time to instruct you of the things that shall be.

34 I am John the Baptist, the Messenger of the Lord, to prepare the way before him.”

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