The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Third Message

Received at Port Huron, Michigan, June 12, 1927.

At 12:30 I was awakened from my sleep by the same messenger that appeared to me on February 4 and March 4. He
placed his hand on my shoulder and said:

1 “Awake and write the message that I will give you, for this is a day of which Christ spoke, a time of haste,
when much must be done.

2 The instruction is sent: to the wise, a warning; to the sleeper, an awakening; to the wicked, destruction; but to
the people of the Lord, a message that Christ’s coming is near at hand.

3 Behold the Church has slept and slumbered but now let the wise trim their lamps, that the Spirit of God may
be as oil to their lamps, for behold, the Bridegroom is coming. Prepare ye the way for his coming. Behold, the
temple must be built.

4 The gospel must be preached, the cry must go out, the Lord’s coming is near. Behold this is a day when the
world with its greed for wealth and pleasure must be warned as in the days of Noah. Pride and vanity have
filled the hearts of men, and the law of the Lord is forgotten.

5 The Lord sent me to prophesy, for thus saith the Lord of Hosts: ‘I have sent my messenger to you. In the time
of trouble when many of the hearts of my children were sad, their hope was fading away, their faith was tried,
they looked to and fro for the old paths; in the anguish and distress of their souls I heard their cry.

6 That my Church and my people may again receive light and direction to carry on my work, let those that I have
chosen to lead my people to labor in the harvest, make haste that nothing may be lost, for great is the harvest,
and laborers are but few. Let those of the twelve release themselves from those things that are now hindering
them from taking the field, as soon as they can, that my work may go on without delay. Let mine elders also
labor in the field wherever they can, for joy shall come by sacrifice, and peace and blessings to all those that
will serve me.

7 Let those that I have chosen to look after the poor and needy and to prepare the ways and means for a real
Zion, labor also in the field that they may see the needs of my people, for behold this is the sifting time when
much must be done. It will be by faith and humility and love that these things must be done.

8 By my Spirit I will feel after the honest in heart and those that hear you will hear me, and those that reject you
reject me also, and they shall sleep on until the Bridegroom comes, but will not have oil in their lamps.

9 Go in faith, your mission is one of love. Remember, I have called you to be saviors of men. Be true to your
calling and my Spirit will direct you and I will manifest myself to you and will send my messengers in times of
need. My Spirit shall fill your souls with joy. The way will be opened for you. Amen.’ ”

10 The Messenger was with me until 1:15 a.m. or forty-five minutes. He told me some things that were
personal to my own business which I have not given here. He also told me that his name was John, and that
his work was not finished but that he would come as he would be sent from time to time of the Lord, to direct in
the affairs of the Church.

11 I was wide awake and got up at once and dressed and wrote part, when all at once the Spirit left me and I
could not write any more and my mind became a blank. I thought of going back to bed. I said, “Lord, I cannot
write this message unless you give it to me by your Spirit;” when all at once the same messenger stood by my
side and looked over my shoulder and said, “Write.” Then the light came to me and I could write it just as it was
given to me. I think everything he told me is given here except what he told me about my personal affairs.

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