The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirtieth Message

At 9:25 a.m., January 28, 1933, the Messenger came to my home near Port Huron, Michigan, and left the following

1 “ ‘Thus saith the Lord, let my servants, Bennett, Bronson, and Thornton, be set apart to fill the vacancies in my
house as apostles. Let the old and the young remember that humility must be their mantle, for charity knoweth
no evil. Let my servant, Armstrong, labor as an elder until a vacancy shall come. If he is faithful to the trust, he
shall occupy with the twelve.

2 I have given the plans for the temple, but my people are not worthy or cannot enter therein.

3 Thus says the Lord, I will not leave my people if they will keep my commandments and serve me as I have
instructed you; yea, my Spirit touches the hearts of many who have no understanding of my law. I have heard
the prayers of my people and all is in my hands.’ ”

At this juncture the Messenger left. He said he would be back and spare me a little longer. He returned and
gave what follows:

4 “ ‘Thus says the Lord, You must all drink of the bitter cup that you might know that which my Son has suffered,
for behold the crown is after you have fought the fight. Speak not evil of your brother nor of your fellowman
whose mind is still dark. Go to them in love. Glorify the world by righteousness; enlighten your mind by humility.
Love always. Hate is not your work. I have called you to save the world. According to your humility and
faithfulness in keeping my commandments so far you will accomplish; if you fail you have failed yourself.

5 Some are not true; some have been and will be true; others have failed. Contend not among yourselves, but
be in unison, for contention will destroy hope. It is an important time, that my message that I have sent be taken
to all parts of the world, that each one must labor with all of their might.

6 I have established my Church in 1929 anew. I have given the message and it must be obeyed. All else is of
man and I cannot, and will not accept the follies and traditions of men for my work is a holy work and man must
first be made holy.

7 Meet in your assembly and cry mightily unto me. If your prayer is of the heart, I will hear you. I will not accept
the vain babblings and sputterings of the lips of man whose prayer is not sincere. I have placed the mountain
and the ocean and planted the forest. I have beautified the earth and man through sin has sought to destroy it.
How can I rely upon the untrue and the unfaithful? Their prayers and their tears and their efforts are not
accepted of me.

8 Ye have sought for greater power and ye have not prepared for it; your vision, your understanding and your
minds have not been illuminated yet because your hearts are still filled with selfishness. Rid your minds of evil
thoughts, your hearts of selfish pride. Come closer to me; ye are yet too far away; and I will touch you and
greater light and greater power and greater strength will come.

9 Publish the Fourth Message. What is it to you? Your riches have faded as I told you. The abominations are
coming. All will come as I have told you. You have labored, but you have labored too hard. Therefore, your body
and your mind have lost their strength, but you have been true to the trust I gave you. Therefore, I have not
forsaken you. It has been a special mission and a special work to which I have called you. Because of your
unselfishness you have not sought the honor of men. I will water the seed thou hast sown and it shall bring
forth. Amen.’ ”

This was presented to me by the Messenger and I read it as the Messenger unrolled the roll which he had
shown me the previous night on which was written, “The Word of the Lord.”




The testimony of four witnesses to the Thirtieth Message as delivered by the Messenger sent from God.

Be it known unto all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people, unto whom this message shall come, that we the
undersigned were in the room at the time the Messenger, spoken of in the message, came into the room, and
held the Roll from which Otto Fetting read the Word of the Lord, spoken of in the Thirtieth Message. We felt the
presence of the Messenger as he held the Roll, and we heard the Word of the Lord delivered from the Roll, by
the mouth of Otto Fetting whom God used as his human agent.


Subscribed and affirmed before me, a Notary Public, in and for the County of St. Clair and the State of Michigan,
this 8th day of March, A. D. 1933.

RUSSELL A. YOUNG My commission expires June 23, 1934.


Otto Fetting entered into his rest at 1:53 a.m., Monday, January 30, 1933. He had been failing in health for over
a year, but became very ill one week before his death. He was born November 20, 1871, in St. Clair County,

From February 9, 1891, the day of his baptism and the beginning of his work in the restored gospel, to the day
of his death, he devoted much time and material wealth to the support of that great work. From 1899 until the
end he held the priesthood.

On February 4, 1927, the Lord sent his Messenger to our brother and conferred upon him a great commission
and responsibility such as few men of this day have carried. Through scorn and scoffing, hardship and
suffering, he proclaimed the message brought by the Messenger of the Lord, that a perplexed and dying world
might be led to the light.

He sealed his testimony to the divinity of the message on a bed of suffering when the Messenger came with
the thirtieth message. Within an hour of the giving of the message Brother Fetting signed his name for the last
time on earth and admonished his loved ones to stand by the Word of the Lord.

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