The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirty-first Message

A messenger of the Lord came to me at my home, Nucla, Colorado, Monday morning, October 4, 1937.

Sunday night, after coming home from church, I retired with earnest prayer from my heart, asking God for direction and that
I might live to please him. I also thanked him greatly for the blessings I had received.

I had awakened several times in the night and went back to sleep praying. I awakened with a start, hearing footsteps on the
ground floor. I raised up in bed and looking toward the staircase I noticed a light coming or beginning to shine up the
stairway. I was somewhat astonished to think someone would be walking in my house, when I knew I had locked the
doors. Immediately I saw it was a man dressed in a white robe, and with no light in his hand as I had supposed. A light
seemed to radiate from him, lighting the whole room, while immediately around him it was much brighter. His beard was
radiant, his eyes which shone like neon light, though piercing and bright, were gentle and pleasant, his looks kind. I was
somewhat afraid, but his smile helped to drive away my fear. I thought perhaps it may be an angel of God. When he
appeared on the top stair he seemed to float quickly to my bedside, I trembled and pulled the covers to my chest while
sitting up in bed. He smiled and began to speak kindly. His tone was convincing and his voice slightly heavier than that of
an ordinary man. When he spoke I seemed to be lifted in space, yet I knew I remained on the bed. Although this happened
so very quickly, all fear had left me and I set my faculties to give attention and listen carefully. (This was first reported as a
dream or vision but later events proved it to be neither a dream nor vision but a reality.) He said:

1 “Fear not, let peace be with you; your prayers have been heard; God hears the prayers of his children; he
knows your hearts before you ask. Some are pleading to him in your behalf, and God has looked on you in
favor. The year has been good to you. Blessings have been yours to enjoy. Yea, be humble before your God.

2 Truly God has used you as an instrument in his hands—by the power of that righteous Spirit he spoke
through you. Many have obeyed his voice. Many have been made glad and some have gone through sadness
and will, before they will hear him, but God will not fail the honest—those that seek him diligently. Seek him
early while it is called today. Man is all selfishness unless he is filled with the Spirit of God.”

At this juncture the visitor raised his right arm and seemed to reach almost over me swaying his arm gently. I
watched every move he made and especially his lips as he spoke on with sternness and firmness as one
speaking the truth.

3 “ ‘Now hear ye the words of the Lord, all that tremble in his sight, and at his word. Yea, seek me and walk
righteously before me, heed my voice and great shall be your blessings. Remember your Lord and Master who
drank of the bitter cup—all must drink of the cup of trial to know what I have suffered for you. Lift high your
banner, hold firmly to the iron rod. Yea, the righteous call unto me and my countenance shines upon them.

4 I say unto thee all, for none have progressed as I would have you, the longing in your hearts is still
unsatisfied because of that which brought broken confidence in each other and discouragement and shaken
hope; thus speaking hard of each other, making hardness of heart. Behold, I would have you love one another;
do good to them that despitefully use you.

5 My sheep know my voice; many false delusions are going out; but again I say my sheep know my voice and
heareth not another. Some have lost their affections for my work. This ye must not do, but uphold my work, or
darkness will shake you one and all, and the gathering you long to accomplish shall come to naught. I know
your desires; yea, when seasoned by my Spirit, much good will come of your works. Humble yourselves more
before me. In not doing this, ye do foolishly before me.

6 Stand more firmly together, for I desire it of thee, that you may stand when greater powers of darkness shall
come over you. Yea it is, that dark clouds of deceitfulness and dangerous sayings shall come among you,
which shall try many and some may fall. Pray for thy brethren. Cry unto God.

7 Indeed the angel that revived the work is still at the helm, and verily has not come since the visit with the
message, that all must drink of the bitter cup, to thy brother Fetting, but shall come again. Yea, and indeed, I,
your Maker, knoweth all that taketh place. When ye hear it said, “A shining light.” “A great star.” I say unto you,
know ye this, it is not of me; be not deceived by it.

8 Much is folly before me and man is nothing of good when he heeds not my voice. Know ye the witness of my
Spirit, how that it caused the hearts of men to mellow before me. Is this Spirit still with you? Heed ye the still
small voice and the promptings of the divine Spirit. Be not conformed to the works of darkness nor the ways of
the world. Work with an eye single to my glory; when I speak answer by your actions; abide in my doctrine; let
your words and deeds be that to my honor and glory. Return your love and service to me that your works may
show your faith.

9 Ye that name my name give thanks unto your Master; in so doing I will bless you that you will be a blessing,
and bless others. Let my Spirit rule your lives. Be ye longsuffering. Be not as sounding brass and tinkling
cymbal. Be filled with charity and let peace rule your minds and your lives. The fire of joy shall burn within you.
Yea, the Lord will walk and talk with those that keep his law in fullness. Seek not the praise of men. Be not
heady nor highminded. Seek to do good. A good tree cannot bear corrupt fruit, nor a corrupt tree, good fruit.

10 Verily, the courts from above have sounded these words, and you have heard. Yea, be at peace, let not your
heart be troubled. Be at peace with all men. Hear the words that are true and faithful, sent from the realms
above.’ ”

By this time I was fully convinced that my visitor was an angel. As he spoke the last words he floated back to the head of
the stairs, directly in front of a window. I rubbed my eyes, hoping to get a better look at him and then to ask his name,
should he pause, but I could see him no more. The light remained in the room for an hour or more. I fell asleep and when I
awakened the influence remained with power and as I write I can feel the tingling influence of that Spirit. This is as near
correct as I can remember and I think it is all given.

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