The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirty-second Message

Given Wednesday night, January 5, 1938.

Last night, shortly after 9 o’clock, I was awakened by a heavenly being who stood by my bedside. I turned to hear him
speak. I seemed to know he had something for me. I was not frightened when I saw him. I had seen him before on the night
of October 3, 1937, and he left a message at that time. He spoke calmly, yet with power and with kindness. He said:

1 “With peace I come to you as a servant of God. I come to do his will, to prophesy. I bring a message at this

2 ‘Again the Lord has heard your prayers; yea, he hears the prayers of his children that are from the heart;
many call on him, them he shall hear. Your testimony of this work is true, you are not deceived. You must
remember to be humble, let righteousness speak your testimony to others. Yea, I, your God, have raised thee
up as a witness and an evidence to my people, and thee and thy family; that the power of God can save and
bring the righteous to victory. I have guarded thy ways and inspired thy thoughts in the past. I have watched over
thee, but the adversary of my work from the beginning hath taken note of that which thou hath thought to
accomplish; yea, therefore, be humble, even all; be contrite, seek earnestly for wisdom, for understanding, and
for greater knowledge. Be at watch and you shall have my Spirit and you shall not be deceived. Pray often and
the dark powers shall not oppose to destruction. Remember, your work is peculiar, even amongst your

3 Behold, my Church hath passed through great trials and darkness. Falseness has brought priestcraft
among my children. Many weep because of this power and their prayers have been heard. Yea, darkness shall
recede and spiritual light shall retrieve. Many shall be made strong; greater understanding is sought for and
shall be theirs to enjoy to happiness and peace, for lo, false prophecy has divided you as a dark hand and has
wrought its work, and my Church has wavered because of it, making weaker the faith of some; but I your Lord,
doth not work in subtle manner. Woe to those that seek high positions. Follow not after that which bringeth
discouragement among those that have named my name, but lift up your hearts and strengthen your faith.

4 My ministry must seek me much and be very humble, eliminate selfishness, do my bidding, that which is just
and right, for my Kingdom children’s sake. Be not conceited but give ye as cheerful givers. Take courage, all ye
that are weary, fail not to show your affection for me, your Lord and God. My love is for you one and all. Hold fast
to my truths which shall stand even through darkness. I will not leave thee alone. I shall give testimonies of
great truths to you and to many. I shall call many honest, many humble, many with knowledge and
understanding, for yet my house shall be built; my temple, a haven of rest, a refuge. Oh ye one and all, my
servants, seek to please me and not man. Humbly come ye together.

5 To my Nucla saints: I spoke once with a testimony of tongues, yet my people heard me not, by their actions.
But I know your hearts, that which hinders shall not hinder longer. Build ye the storehouse that shall bring a
blessing to many. Shake off the shackles of contention, and labor. Behold, it shall be done, those that stand in
the way shall hinder no more. The weakness and folly of some has caused my work to suffer; this shall not

6 Verily, verily, ye say ye love me. Where is your God that created thee? Know ye not that I know thee and know
your whereabouts? I led many from the way of darkness and ye have contended selfishly to your woe, driving
the good Spirit away; and doubt has entered the minds of some. Some that say they are not accountable for
their folly; this is not of me, your living God.

7 I speak these words of truth and they shall have their place among my children. Yea, trust me ye flocks, and I
shall bear thee up at the last day. I am your God, I change not. I love thee and shall bless much, as your faith is.
I leave my peace upon you.’ ”

He left—but the influence of his presence remained and as I write this down, I feel that good Spirit, even in
power, causing me to tremble in the sight of the Lord.

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