The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirty-third Message

January 30, 1938, at my home, Nucla, Colorado.

At 11:30 I was awakened by a heavenly messenger that stood by my bedside and took hold of my left shoulder. When he
touched me I awoke. It seemed as light as noonday in the room. I looked at the clock and then at him. He said:

1 “Arise and write the message I will give you.”

He paused as I arose and took a pencil from my clothes by my bedside, then paper from my suitcase from under the bed.
In all this I had the most wonderful, peaceful feeling. We both sat on the bedside facing the east. I had books and papers on
the floor nearby. He reached and handed a book to me to rest the paper on while writing.

I began to feel very weak in the presence of the divine, I could scarcely keep the tears back. Silently I prayed for strength,
saying, “Lord I’m weak, if I do this I need help.” I asked Him to bless me. I found strength and courage and it seemed much
more pleasant to be at the side of this divine being. He said:

2 “I have come to you at my appointings. I have brought and bring to you words of the Lord your God. I come to

3 ‘You failed to write all that I gave you before. This you must not do. It is expedient that the words I give in this
language, be given, for they must have their place and their bearing among my children.’ ”

At this I looked at him. He smiled which invited me to speak. I said, “I failed I know, until later, then I feared I
would not get it correct.” He smiled again. He spoke with kindness yet with sternness that caused me to feel
my guilt. He said:

4 “You feared your brethren, let not man’s weakness cause the work of God to suffer. This has been the failing
in the past, with selfishness and the weakness of humanity. But God knoweth the hearts that are honest.

5 ‘A dark hand has been over my people, a hand of deception which has brought great sorrow and grief to
many. Some have thought to run before the Lord, seeking prominency. This to the discouragement of many
and to the driving away of some. These weaknesses have been spoken of by my messenger to Otto Fetting.
Some have overcome them while others have been overcome with them, saith the Lord.

6 Behold the day is, and nigh at hand, when the prophecies of old are being fulfilled. Nations shall yet be
brought down, and lo, a mighty cry shall come from them that fall. The hearts of men must be turned to their
Maker, the Creator of all.

7 Yea, the just will suffer with the unjust lest they draw away from such, and not take part in contentions and
dark sayings. The plagues shall sweep the nations, and floods shall have their course, and famines shall take
their place again. The plague of death in war has its effect on the nations. Many are taken to the beyonds not
knowing the love of God nor what the end shall be. A call for laborers in the harvest goes out, for the harvest is
ripening—behold, it is white. The cry of the people come up before God. Their honest prayers shall be heard.

8 Lo, will my servants do my bidding, saith God, or must I call others? Fail not in your calling; but lift up your
voices and carry your burdens to me the Lord your God, and I shall hear—and lo, I shall help you one and all.
Be faithful, and I, saith your Lord, will stand you in holy places when the great destructions shall come; and I
will not take vengeance on those that know me when I come, but shall number you among my jewels. Then
great shall be your joy. Out of weakness many shall be made strong.’

9 Read the words of the Lord, study them, read ye what the Lord saith in the Twenty-sixth Message.

10 Remember, the Lord said, ‘Let the old and the young remember that humility must be their mantle for
charity knoweth no evil.’

11 Give this out to your brethren, many have prayed for this and rejoice to know of my coming. Be not weak but
be strong in the Lord, and he will give you strength.

12 There are those that have and will uphold you, and will be made glad because I come to you. Many have
prayed to this end. There are those that will speak lightly of these words. Sad shall be their end. Some you
think will have confidence as those to stand by you, will turn against you. Some will not understand, but in the
end they shall understand.

13 ‘Hearken ye! My servants, go ye out to labor, ye that are out continue, for God is with you and will be. Great
shall be the harvest. Many are looking for the message you bear. To those that take the message from house
to house, place to place, heart to heart; I will be with you, I know your efforts already and your needs. Continue,
and you shall have great joy and peace of mind, and eternity hath place for you.

14 Come ye unto me, ye weary, and I shall strengthen you. Remember I call the weak, and endue you with my
Holy Spirit, causing great things to transpire among my children, and those that shall name my name.’

15 I leave these words with you. I bless you and those that hear you in the name of the living God. Amen.”

This messenger sat on my bed while giving this message; he spoke slowly, pausing occasionally while I wrote. He spoke
kindly yet with force. His influence was such that I am not able to describe it. The light that radiated from him seemed to
have a mellowing influence. My eyes filled with tears when I looked directly at him. He told me a few corrections to make
in the last words he brought. That this was the third he had come to me, and that he was a messenger sent of the Lord. He
further said I would gain many friends while others would try to make me an offender. Some would be true; some would not.
That all things must be governed according to the teachings and doctrine of Christ. By the time this message was finished I
felt the human weakness so much that I could understand in part the difference between the human and the divine. He rose
and walked a few steps from me, and turned facing me, and chastened me because of that human weakness by saying,
“Remember God is just.” He vanished. The room was light for some time after he left. I looked at the clock; it was 12:40.

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