The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirty-fifth Message

At 1:10 a.m., June 9, 1938, at my room, 103 S. Pendleton, Independence, Missouri, the Messenger awoke me and said:

1 “Arise and take the instructions I shall give you. I come to you at this home at this time. I come to you with this
message that you might give it to the Church.

2 ‘I speak to the people of the Lord, those that have heard the midnight cry.

3 The cries of my people have come up before me, and I have heard their humble plea, saith your God. Yea, I
am pleading for you to continue to come close unto me. Behold many have obeyed me in that they have come
humbly to the assembly. I led you here one and all and my wish is that you remain very humble before me; then
I will continue to bless you and lead you close unto me. Be very humble that the sunlight of righteousness from
the Lamb of God may shine on you with healing in his power.

4 Yea, to those who have not yet covenanted with me, this is the way that shall lead you to life eternal.

5 To my servants, yea, I have given you testimonies of this work and of the words that come from my presence
even through my messenger of this time, through one of my choosing. Remember, my ways are not man’s
ways, and none shall understand but by my Spirit, saith your Lord.

6 Hearken: I say to my servants, be ye up and doing; go to the fields as the way will be open before you; I plead
with you to labor in unison for my cause.

7 Let my quorum of twelve apostles be filled. Let my servants Belcher and Parkinson be added to the quorum
that the quorum of twelve apostles might be filled. Let these men labor as they can, and as soon as they can
adjust conditions in their homes, go to the fields as my Spirit will direct, for my harvest is great and the sheaves
ungathered. Let them prepare in deep humility of the soul for this place in my Church and not yield to pride’s
temptation. Let my servant, W. C. Wilson, prepare to fill a place in the quorum of twelve when a vacancy comes.
For lo, he is my servant and I have heard his prayers that are of the heart, and I will be with him in great power.
Yea, I have strengthened his faith in this work. Let him take his place in the field of labor and labor even now,
as I will manifest by my Spirit unto him.

8 Yea, let the many of my servants arise to their calling. Speak words of truth in soberness and I will see your
solemnness; I will bless you with my Spirit as you carry my message to the ears of men. This is my work, saith
the Lord, and I shall reward thee for thy labors. But verily hasten or I shall call others to take your place.

9 Let my servant Lacey continue to labor among the people of his color. I have heard his humble prayer which
is of the heart; I know his willingness to serve me; and I shall fill him with power by my Spirit. Lo the time will
come when his eyes shall be opened and he shall see. Great shall be his joy for his faithfulness before me.
Let your brother, Johnston, prepare himself for the field, as he shall labor among his people also. Teach my
full law in all things.

10 Behold, it is my will that my servant, A. W. Bogue, remain in the office. I will bless him, and he shall not want
for food. Hear ye my servants for I am God, I change not. Blessed art thou to obey my voice.

11 These words I leave with you and bid you give them unto mine apostles and Church; give them not to the
world as yet.’

12 My name is John, I shall come again.”

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