The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirty-sixth Message

At 2:10 a.m., July 13, 1938, at my home, Nucla, Colorado, the angel awoke me and said:

1 “Again I come in peace to you with words of encouragement for the Church of Christ. Behold the day is when
time is ripening, the harvest must be gathered. Thus, the words of salvation must be carried to all the world, for
Christ’s coming is near at hand and this warning must be sent, the gospel of the Kingdom preached—then
shall the Lord come in the clouds of glory. For the righteous, great shall be their joy—but to those that know
him not and that obey not the gospel, the Lord of salvation shall take vengeance on them.

2 May the people of the Lord God take on new courage. Let not your hearts be troubled; for the Lord has
blessed his Church in that your actions at the assembly were acceptable— yet greater shall be your joy. This is
the Lord’s work and man cannot change his plan nor his decree for they are unalterable.

3 ‘Thus saith the Lord your God, Oh ye of little faith and ye that have set your hearts, and have said: “The Lord
has not sent his angel,” for lo, I have sent mine angel from my courts above, the realms from on high, and he
brings and has brought words from my speaking. But ye sit as judges, stiffnecked and hard of heart, saying,
“The Lord speaks through me by his Spirit.” Yea, verily, I say unto you, I have not prompted you to speak thus—
but through the emotions of your hearts, and not to wait upon the Lord—but to do my work in your way, you have
sinned before me by doing thus, that you may hinder my work. In that you will fail. And it needs be that you
humble yourselves before me and repent, for know ye not that I, the Lord your God, knoweth your hearts, your
very thoughts and deeds. I would bless you and fill you with my Spirit if you would heed my voice. Unless you
will hear me in my way and heeding my voice obey—you shall not be called mine at the last day, for you will yet
fail. Others that are willing will carry my work onward, for Zion will be redeemed and Israel gathered. The Jews
must be gathered to their homeland, and Israel’s hosts to this land that shall be cleansed, then shall it be
Zion, a place of peace, a nation of righteousness; wherein the Lord will walk and talk with his people, for sin
shall not be there and the lamb and the lion shall lie down together. Peace and love shall reign, and the Lord of
justice shall be over all. The Jew and the Gentile, the bond and the free shall be as one. Even the Lamb of God,
which is Jesus Christ, slain for the sins of the world and raised to eternal glory, shall be over all till the
completion of all things and the Father sees it well done. Thus have I spoken saith the Lord your God.

4 Let all my servants that I have called be up and doing for I will direct them. Let my young servants be at work
and I will bless them greatly. Let all labor in their calling or idleness will let darkness cloud their minds and
they will not enjoy the Spirit nor the goodness of God. Let my young servant Raymond Bronson labor with his
parents as their work is pleasing unto me. Let my servant Parkinson prepare to labor in Canada as much as
possible as the way will open before him. Let my servant Belcher labor in the field near his home and round
about places, for much is to be done and laborers are few.’

5 Remember the many things I have told you, that you have not been permitted to write. Be very humble before
the Lord. Worry not about what man has done—those that reject the words I bring to you. They do not reject you
but they reject me and the words I bring from the Lord; and the Lord has not and will not let his Spirit always be
with them unless they turn and heed the Lord their God.

6 I am he who shall minister unto ten thousand times ten thousand and they shall be tried and purged. For I sit
as a refiner of gold, and as with fuller’s soap, purging the hearts of men and cleansing out the dross, the sins
of men. For man must be made holy before he can come in the presence of God, or the glory of the Lamb,
slain for the sins of the world, that mankind might believe on him and be redeemed from that awful state.

7 Behold, the Lord soon comes and I shall be with him when he comes to his temple that shall be built by a
people of clean hands and pure hearts.

8 These words I have brought from the presence of the Lord your God. I come to you in peace, with a message
to bring peace to the Church.

9 ‘I bid you give these to mine apostles, as you did before, and publish them for the Church.’ The Lord has
spoken it.

10 I leave and shall come again as the Lord will direct. My name is John, the Messenger of the Lord.”

He left; it was 3:20 a.m. As on other occasions, the room was as light as noonday and remained so for sometime after.

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