The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirty-seventh Message

Nucla, Colorado, September 22, 1938.

After prayer meeting on Wednesday night, September 21, 1938, I retired at about 10:30 p.m. At

1:50 o’clock I awoke from a very peaceful sleep. I thought of some happenings of the past few days, not of the Church. I
hadn’t been awake long when I noticed my room beginning to get light, I knew the angel was near—this thought had no
more than passed through my mind when he stood by the foot of my bed. He took hold of the bedstead; it vibrated when he
touched it.

1 He said: “Arise, and take the message I bring to you, for thus I have been commanded of the Lord.

2 Again I come to you in peace, with a message to further the cause of salvation. The command of the Lord is
that the work might go on until the completion of all things and the promises fulfilled.

3 The day is and nigh at hand when rumors of war will be heard and fear will come in the hearts of men. Some,
their hearts will fail them because of the things that they will hear, but to those that have named the name of the
Lord and that will yet name his name, be zealous therefore, and look to God, for those that he loves he also
chastens; and the wise shall repent of the ways of sin and the flesh, that they be not spotted at the last day, but
overcoming in all things; then shall the Lamb, the Great High Priest, clothe them in raiment white as pure wool.
Their names shall be in the book of life, confessed before the Father of lights and the angels of righteousness.

4 ‘Behold,’ saith the Lord: ‘Those that have and will profess my name and diligently seek me, yea, I will open
and no man will close the door before thee, for I will give unto thee power to overcome, and he that overcometh
shall have right to the tree of life, to eternity. Lo, there will you have place with your Lord whom ye seek and
desire to please. Then the righteousness of the righteous shall be your joy.

5 Ye that are called to edify my bride,’ saith your Lord, ‘keep ye my sayings and the ways of righteousness in
your hearts. Sin not, but be ye holy vessels, and lo, I will quicken your understanding. Keep the thoughts of
kindness in a willing manner toward your fellowmen. Fall not in the hands of the adversary, that is a thorn unto
my body. Hold high the banner of righteousness, and Zion’s cause shall be the millennium reign.

6 Lo, I come quickly, saith the Lamb of God: He that keepeth my sayings, in him will my love be perfected. Be ye
cogitative and visions of divine and glorious light shall be about you. Think ye upon the ways and words of the
Creator of mankind that knoweth the hearts of all men.

7 The light that I, your Lord, will send shall point the way. He that cometh to me through the door will I baptize
with fire and the Holy Ghost. Many have heard my call. Many are coming. Baptize them, ye servants of mine, for
this is my Church.

8 Lo, my servants are called to represent my Church that shall continue on till I come to claim her as my bride.
Be humble, be faithful, that you may have good works laid up in store against the times to come and my
promise is that you may have hold of the tree of life, saith your Lord who is the Savior of all that will hear and
obey, for nations shall yet be warned of my coming.’

9 Let those that are willing to labor help all they can in this work, but remember to keep order in the house of
the Lord. Defile not the holy rites. Those that will help with all their might their reward is sure.

10 The servants of the Lord that are carrying the glad tidings, their joy shall increase for they will see the hand
of God in bringing the children to the Church in her brighter garment.

11 Let more be sent into the harvest field and the marvelous work of God continue on. All must come in by the
door to represent the Church of Christ that is being established to never again be taken away, but shall
continue on until Christ shall come.

12 Let F. E. Gale and A. H. Morse accept their call as elders to represent Christ and his Church. Also let Earl
Hansen, C. O. Benson, W. B. Hill, Philip Swanson, and Lester Resch be set apart as elders to labor as the
Lord will direct by his Spirit. Let them prepare in love for the proclaiming of the gospel of salvation they shall
carry to the ears of mankind.

13 Let Peter Karo prepare in deep humility for the responsibility that will be upon him. For the Lord knows his
heart and his love for this message of gladness to go to the people of his blood and tongue. If he will make
ready that he be not burdened with the cares of home, let him be set apart as an elder to carry this message
and authority to the place of his birth of Vinjearen, Norway and ‘round about places. Many honest are in the
borders of that nation and the Lord has prepared hearts to receive this message of life when they hear it. If he
will work in love with an eye single to the glory of God, great shall be his joy with them. Let his companion go

14 The Lord calls those that are willing to hear him, the humble and the unlearned, to bring about his wise
purpose. Teach men the way of truth and justice. Be not proud, heady or highminded, but be humble, meek,
wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Use boldness but not overbearance. Yea, let all bridle their
passions and unruly tongues, and you shall be delightful in the sight of the Lord.

15 Let Teddy Pyle prepare that his voice may sound the message of life—study the words and plan of God that
he may know the truth and defend its cause.

16 Let Edwin H. Urch be set apart as a priest to labor in the cause of the Kingdom of God.

17 Let the priest’s duty be to teach the law, preach the word, expound, exhort, admonish, and baptize; and also
to administer bread and wine as sacrament unto the flocks; and visiting the homes of the members teach all to
pray in service and in the secret closets, pouring out the heart to God. Teach members to attend to all family

18 Many there be that profess the name of Christ, but you men of the servants of the Lord are to represent
Christ and his bride, his Church. Great shall be your work and men shall be blessed by the glad tidings you
bear. Have faith, think not that you can work without faith and help of God.

19 Let the Lord’s servants hasten for nations must be warned and many righteous are looking with longing
hearts in search for truth. Teach them to heed the words I bring from the Lord.

20 Let the Church pray earnestly and often that all will come closer unto the Lord that they may know his Spirit.
Follow the doctrine taught in the scriptures.

21 There are those that have shown negligence in defending the truth, but because of traditions of men and
the desire for prominency have failed to please the Lord in all things; and have sought to hinder the work of the
Lord. They shall not have part in this work. Yea, the day soon comes when such shall not be called servants of
the Lord by my voice nor by the true Spirit because of their sin. They have made light of the words the Lord has
spoken. Therefore they do not heed, and unless they speedily repent of ways that are not wise, and secret
deceptions, such shall no longer have lot or portion in the sacred work of the Lord.

22 Remember he that fails, faileth of himself and shall not be numbered among the people of the Lord.

23 The Church shall necessitate a cleansing out of priestcraft. The work of the Lord is holy and men must not
defile the sacred rites of God.

24 Some have been discouraged and their faith weakened. Let them be enlightened of the greatness of this
work, that they might be encouraged. For remember, Satan has done many things in the past that has led men
astray. With enticing words he has led men away from the teachings of Christ and his Church. Listen not to the
whisperings of Satan. Be not led by pride nor the love for praise of men. Make clean your hearts and humble
yourselves more—as conditions will come that will require greater faith. Be kind to all men. Cry repentance.
Preach the gospel to the nations for all must be warned. Peace will have place in the hearts that are honest
and obey. For salvation only comes from obedience to the words of him that shall judge you at the last day.

25 The Lord changes not, and he speaks now unto the children of men as he spoke in days of old.

26 I prepared the way before the Christ in days of old. Again I prepare the way in these days for his coming is
nigh at hand.

27 I prophesy unto the children of men. Heed ye the voice of him that made heaven and earth and all things
that in them are. Repent of your wicked ways and turn unto the Lord your God, with solemnness and
humbleness and he will hear your cry. Ye that have heard his voice continue on with a contrite spirit, for
blessed are the honest, the upright, and the just.

28 Send this message to your brethren and the Church. Let these words be printed that the warning may go to

29 I have come to you from the Lord. I am the Messenger of the Lord to instruct in this work, and my name is
John the Baptist. I will come from time to time as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

He left; it was 4:20 o’clock. I was so very weak from his presence as the divine influence is so much stronger than human
that I was most overcome. The light remained for some time.

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