The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirty-eighth Message

The Messenger came to my room at the home of R. E. Stone, 2425 Lafayette Street, St. Joseph, Missouri, at 12 midnight
and left at 1:12 a.m., October 30, 1938. He gave the following message:

1 “Behold, I come to you at this home, for thus the Lord has commanded. I speak the words and will of the Lord
your God.

2 The Lord has blessed his people, those that are willing to hear him, for the words I bring are his words, and
they that heareth the words of the Lord and obey, shall be his Church in very deed.

3 Thus far those that have listened to the words of the Lord, they shall receive the greater blessing, for behold,
the time is nigh at hand when the greater power will be manifested; therefore arise to greater faith ye servants
of the Lord. Turn away from the traditions of men and the things that bringeth contention, for the Lord will bless
those that are humble and do his will.

4 Send what help that can be to the foreign fields as much can be done at this opportune time. The Lord is
giving his word to those that are afar off as I speak to you and have spoken.

5 Let the Norwegian messages be sent to the people of that language and tongue, for the gospel will soon be
preached in that nation.

6 Some the Lord has called have slumbered and slept, while some have been true and will yet be true, their
reward is sure. Again others will yet rise and heed their call.

7 It is the will of the Lord that more be called to labor as bishops that the work will hasten on. Therefore, let J.
W. Savage, Maurice Turland and Clarence Dobson be set apart as bishops. Let them remember they are
stewards for God and that he requires it of them at the last day. Let them teach the tithing law and abide in all
things in the ways of the Lord. It is needful that they work in the field of the Lord. Let the bishops work in unison
in this office and calling.

8 The Lord has called men in other nations to know this cause.

9 Let the elders teach the people to live in peace before God that the works of darkness must be done away for
the kingdoms of this world will know that God has spoken.

10 I have come to you. I have come from the presence of the Lord your God. I bring a message of love, and a
warning that Christ’s coming is near at hand and the destructions that shall be. I have brought and bring
instructions for the Church.

11 The works of Satan must be overcome, then peace shall reign.

12 Let the words I bring be translated in other languages that all nations may be warned. Publish and send
abroad the warning, teach the reign of peace. Be at peace for Christ’s Kingdom shall be, and he shall rule from
sea to sea and all men will then hear his words.

13 The words I bring is a warning. Will the people heed it?

14 I have come and will yet come, as the prophets have foretold, until the great controversy between Christ and
Satan is over, the temple built, the people prepared and the Bridegroom sits down. They that be with him are
called, chosen and faithful.

15 I shall come again as the Lord will direct.”

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