The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Thirty-ninth Message

At 1:05 a.m., Sunday, February 19, 1939, my room became light. I was awake and raised up in bed. I knew the Messenger
was near. Immediately he appeared and bade me take the message he would give. I got up and wrote the message which
follows. He spoke kindly, yet impressively. I saw the light, I saw him, I heard his voice and felt his influence. For a few
minutes we visited as two men, talking over the things of God. I know this to be the same angel that has visited me on a
number of occasions before. He said:

1 “Arise and take the message I will give you.

2 Again I bring words from the Lord your God, for the hearts of many have turned to a great light. The Lord sent
me to bring light and instructions; to direct, to again point the way; that a people will be prepared to meet the
Christ when he returns to make his abode on earth, that his will shall be done and the way of the righteous be
pleasant in the sight of the Lord.

3 The Lord your God has borne witness to many of the messages I have brought and bring to you, and will yet
bring. For this work came I into the world, as spoken of by the mouth of the holy prophets of the Lord, which
have been since the world began. I come to give the warning of Christ’s soon coming, of knowledge and of
salvation, that all may find the way of repentance and remission of sins through the just plan of God, and that
his promises might be fulfilled.

4 I am the Elias which was for to come. I am John the Baptist, the Messenger of the Lord. The earth shall be
filled with the light that I bring and have brought from the Lord God. Will the people heed it, that their feet might
be guided in the way of peace and be led out of darkness and contention and away from the shadow of death?

5 ‘Thus saith the Lord: Many that profess my name have sinned and gone astray. They have counted that which
is holy, not holy, and my commandments they have forgotten. For one hundred years much of my design and
law you have turned aside. Return unto me and I will return unto you.

6 Hear ye! Hear ye! I am establishing my Kingdom to never again be overthrown and it shall fill the whole earth,
and all men will obey me for out of Zion shall the gospel be taught and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

7 Heed ye my words, even the voice of my messenger. Make ready for I your Lord soon comes to claim all that
know and obey my voice.

8 Many things shall take place that shall cause you to know that I have spoken, for this is a day of haste when
much must be done—a holy work—a great work, and I call those that will heed my voice, even many that are
unlearned to bring about my wise purpose, that man may not glory in himself, for knowledge and wisdom shall
be given to the lowly, and those that do humble themselves before me.

9 Floods, wars, pestilence and plagues shall come, and many things that will cause the hearts of men to fail
them, for I send one mighty and strong and unto him have I given power to utter words—eternal words—and
light is his covering, to set in order my house. From his bowels gushes forth truth, a fountain of truth, to speak
my words, for I have spoken. In me is the light that shineth in darkness and by my servant I give these words
unto you. I send a great light, and few there be that perceive it because of the precepts and commandments of

10 Verily I say unto thee, hear ye the whisperings of my Spirit, turn unto me and do that which is just. Build ye
upon my rock and the things pertaining to righteousness. Obtain my word and it shall make you free and my
Spirit shall give light unto all that will walk humbly before me, and love, that they might also be loved of me.

11 The greater light and power shall come as my people will prepare for it.

12 Behold, saith your Lord, my harvest is white and the laborers are few. Awake, go forth and labor; bring my
sheep unto me. Awaken! Pray ye that laborers may be sent forth and my work be accomplished. Look unto me,
for I am he that redeemeth thee.’

13 The Lord has accepted the work done, that the work might continue on and that the message I bring might
go to others, as the Lord shall direct. Be not slothful.

14 Those that shall shape their lives by the words I bring and the gospel shall be blessed. Have faith in the
prophets and it will be well with you, but heed not the prophecies of men. They will not save you.

15 There will be those from time to time that will not be true, but traitors to the Lord’s work, making an offence
for a word. Be not moved by them.

16 Be careful what you say, how you speak, and where you are. You will see evil and deception. While the good
is at work the powers from beneath will be there also, but watch and pray, for the time comes when they shall
not hurt nor destroy in all the Lord’s holy mount. Righteousness and justice shall rule.

17 All must labor somewhere in their calling—or their minds will become dark; and doubt, fear, and jealousy
will come within them—for they cannot see the hand of God move.

18 Let the Voice of Warning continue to go out in peace that it may gladden the hearts of many.

19 Let the moneys be sent in that more may be sent forth to labor, that the work might go on.

20 Let George T. Morris, Earl W. Baggerly, and Samuel R. Stephens be set apart as priests to labor in this
office and calling. If they will be faithful in their calling much good can be done, and God will bless their efforts.

21 Let Newton Brassfield and Henry T. Lebuto be set apart as elders and let them prepare for the great work
that is before them. Let Henry T. Lebuto labor among his people for many of the righteous branch shall come
from the people of his blood. Much will yet come to pass that shall bring many to understand the truth.

22 Let the work among the Colored people continue, for the Lord has heard their prayers. Let the servants of
the Lord continue to labor and hasten for great is the work before you; also let Charles E. Cruzan labor as an
elder as much as possible as much can be done.

23 Be kind to those that come to learn of truth. Meet in the assembly and cry mightily unto the Lord, for many
shall come to learn truth. Be not contentious but let the Lord direct.

24 Do with this message as you have done with the others. Publish it that others might read; that peace might
come to all that will do the Lord’s bidding. Contend with no man, speak the truth and it shall make you free. I
shall come again as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

He left at 3 a.m. The light remained for an hour or more.

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