The Word of the Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fourth Message

The Messenger came to me at my home at 801 Tenth Street, Port Huron, Michigan, November 16, 1927, and left the
following message:

1 “The last time I came to you, I brought a message of warning to you. Read it, and with it I also warned you of
the losses that you would have unless you heeded the warning. I told you that this was a time of haste. Now
the time has come when you will have greater losses. Come with me and I will show you a vision* of the future.

2 Remember there are trying times ahead that will affect the whole world, and much will come to pass. That
great church, the mother of harlots, the abomination of all the earth is working against all governments, to
overthrow them, and it is also working with all its power and helpers to overthrow this government, that she
may establish herself upon this land. Remember Satan has great power, and many will be deceived by his

3 Release yourself from the business world. Seek not after riches, but seek to warn the world, and save the
honest in heart from destruction. Weep not over the losses you will have, for they will be many. Many trials will
come to you. Remember, I have told you.

4 The time has come that the words he gave to the churches will come to pass, and the judgments will come
upon the earth. The abominations will flourish until God will send his angels to reap the harvest of the wicked
and Satan will be bound.

5 Many will not be true to the work that God will place upon them, and Satan will try you also, for there is great
danger ahead. Let not the riches of this world or the praise of men lead you to destruction.

6 I will come to you from time to time, to instruct you in many things that will come to pass, and the great work
that must be done.”

*a vision concerning personal affairs

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