The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fortieth Message

At 11 p.m., March 20, 1939, the Messenger appeared and gave the following. The room was filled with light. His influence
was of the divine Spirit and power of God. He spoke kindly and as one having authority. He sat in a chair by my bedside as
he gave the message. He left at 12:15.

1 “I come again with instructions that will gladden the hearts of those that will hear.

2 Be glad and rejoice in the peace of God. Rest in his will. He has heard the prayers of the faithful. Despise not
the weak nor speak ye lightly of the erring and those that do not understand.

3 Let all come together in the services of the Lord, and the Lord will meet with them in the hour of their humility
revealing the things of the Kingdom, for all have a work to do. Let love fill your hearts that it will be said: ‘See
how they love one another.’

4 Let those that can go to the fields be at work for the harvest is white and the sheaves ungathered. Let the
message be heard to the ends of the earth. The Kingdom of God shall continue on and fill the whole earth and
man’s follies shall come to naught. Let all teach the gospel in its fullness and God will be with them.

5 Let the apostles and all who can, go into the fields of labor and God will be with them. He will bless their
work; he will bless the people they labor among and their efforts to please him. Contend not over points of the
doctrine of the gospel, but trust in his words and he will make you free. Those that will not labor somewhere in
their calling, teaching the gospel of salvation, will lose and God will call others, for the message must be taken
to the ends of the earth, to all nations.

6 Great shall be the joy in the hearts of men for they will hear the Lord’s words and humble themselves before
him. The law of the Lord shall be written in each heart and all men will obey his will.

7 There will come conditions among the nations that will humble mankind. Sad will be the hearts of many.
Children will be fatherless and women will weep for their husbands. The cry to the Lord will be heard and
deliverance will come to those that hear his words and obey his will.

8 God sends deliverance for the children of men through the Christ that was slain, that redemption might come
to all that will heed his voice.

9 Let the gospel be taken to Israel as a people and the message of Christ’s soon coming to claim those that
will be his bride.

10 Let the work continue among the Indians for God wants a humble people. He will bless the efforts of those
that work with their hearts filled with love.

11 Let his servant W. C. Wilson labor in the field as much as he can and the Lord will bless his work.

12 Be prayerful and the light the Lord shall send will point the way. The Spirit of the Lord shall fill the hearts of
men and the desire in their hearts shall find joy in the Lord.

13 I am the Messenger of the Lord. I speak the words he sends. I will come again as the Lord will direct.

I got up and wrote, and we conversed together as two men.

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