The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Forty-first Message

At 1:20 a.m., May 15, 1939, I awoke from a very peaceful sleep, the room was light, I knew the angel of the Lord was near.
Suddenly he appeared, approaching my bed. I knew he had something for me. I got up and wrote the message as he gave
it. He spoke kindly with the power of the Lord upon him and with authority. He left at 2:40 a.m.

1 “Behold, I come again as the Lord has directed. The words I speak are his words. I come to bring
instructions, I bring a warning that the people may know that Christ’s coming is nigh at hand. I am sent to help,
to point the way. There are many things that must be done. There are many things that will come to pass that
the prophets of old have spoken of.

2 The gospel must go to Israel for they must learn the will of the Lord, for this cause came I to restore the
gospel that the Lord may bring back the true olive branches. They shall be planted again and bring forth fruit.
The time shall soon come when all that offend shall be cut off from among the people of the Lord. Therefore, I
come to do the will of the Lord. Will the people heed it?

3 I speak the words of the Lord. Let his servants heed and the Lord shall continue to be with them in their
labors for him and great shall be their joy because of their faith in him, for he saith he will not leave thee. He
will charge his angels to go before thee. Your reward shall be sure. Therefore, sanctify yourselves, let your
minds be single to God, for the day soon cometh when he shall appear.

4 Teach diligently the doctrine of the gospel of the Kingdom, pray earnestly, willingly obey and his Spirit shall
attend you, that you might be instructed more in the way of peace and principle in all things pertaining to your
welfare and salvation.

5 You have seen that man is continually evil unless he is filled with the Spirit and goodness that cometh from
God. Have no part with those that are full of contention. Walk not in the way of the scorner or he that contendeth
against the word of the Lord, for such shall not be called his chosen at the last day. Let your minds be at
peace. Fear not man whose heart is not right before God. Fear not those who speak evil of you. You will see
the weakness and sin of man. You will see the evil powers struggle and lose in the end.

6 As I told you, there are those that are traitors to this work; be not moved by them. Fear not the sins they
accuse you of, for so they did the servants of old and destroyed many, but yet they shall live. Be right before
God. Let your conversation be in humility. Speak the truth. Let all labor with their might and your tree shall not
be barren. Take not the honor unto yourselves. Gather in the assembly in peace and be kind to all men. The
Lord will call many honest that shall be enlightened with knowledge, with understanding and the deep things
of the Kingdom.

7 Blessed are the servants that defend this cause for truth shall live and bring to naught all error. Many are
called for a special work; shape your lives by the words I bring you and it will be well withyou.

8 Let all come in by the door, and humble themselves before God, for this is the way that leadeth to life eternal
for all who endure to the end. Hold high the standard of truth, the ensign of the love of God for man; for the
nations shall yet know his voice and from them shall come those that shall be his bride in very deed. They
shall be a pure people.

9 ‘Verily, thus saith the Lord, I have sent my messenger for the pruning of my vineyard for the last time. Of this
day the prophets of old have spoken, that Zion shall be redeemed. Thus the righteous shall come forth and
take their place for they shall inherit among the favored of the Lord.

10 Yea, as I have led the children of Israel in days of old, so will I lead my people now as you come near unto
me and hearken to the words that I send for instructions, for directions, for your cleansing and comfort from
time to time. For I am your God and I change not.

11 Verily, verily, I plead with you that you stand not in jeopardy. Come unto me and I will give unto you the water
of life freely. Lift up your heads all ye faithful and rejoice for I am he that dwelleth on high and have great power.
My power shall be more greatly manifested in the future among ye that believe than has been in the past.
Therefore, I say unto you, lift up in faith and be glad in the strength I shall give, for I am your redeemer and I
shall cause thee to stand.

12 I will cause my servants to be strong in the Lord that they shall stand before multitudes and proclaim the
message of life to many that know it not, and thousands shall obey, for they shall come from afar and the hosts
of Israel shall know their places. Therefore, be of good cheer, be pleasant in your work, speak the truth in
humility, in kindness be your thoughts. Remember to be faithful and true, and the Lord God shall bring to pass
all his strange act and fulfill all the promises that gladden the hearts of all those that think upon the Lord.

13 Blessed art thou that seeketh to bring forth my Zion, for it shall be and the righteous shall have victory over
all the oppressors. Therefore, I send the warning, even by my messenger in the spirit and power of Elias, that
ye walk humbly before me, even all, teaching my law that mankind must come with full purpose of heart.
Cleave unto me and I shall cleave unto you. Reject not my words, quench not my Spirit. Let all the erring repent.
Teach men to come partake of the tree of life. Enter in at the strait gate, abide in the way which is narrow and
endure unto the end that ye may obtain eternal life, saith your Lord, for I am he who speaketh. Bring your
sacrifice of a broken heart; repent in a contrite spirit.’

14 I have come as the Lord has directed and I shall come again. For this work were you born, to take the
instructions. Be faithful and true and your reward will be sure; as I say to you, I say to all. I am your fellow
servant, a co-laborer in God’s work, to bring back the dispersed. Send the words I bring to mankind, that they
may know the Lord has spoken. Amen.”

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