The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Forty-second Message

The angel of the Lord appeared at my bedside June 9, 1939, 1:15 a.m., at my room, 217 South Liberty, Independence,
Missouri, and gave the following message. He wore a white robe. The room was full of light. His influence weakened the
human. He left at 2:10 a.m.

1 “I come to you in peace. I bring a message from the Lord; he that has loved the world that he gave his Only
Begotten Son that he might man redeem.

2 This is the Lord’s work. You men are called from among men to represent Christ and his Church. Therefore
be very humble. Meet in your assembly in peace and let the Lord by his Spirit remain among you. Behold, the
Lord will meet with you, for truly this shall be the beginning of great things to come to pass.

3 See that all teach and preach the same thing—and wander not off on strange doctrine, for such will not save

4 Those that shall not labor in full purpose of heart to defend this cause shall be not of the chosen of the Lord.
Hardness of heart and under deception is not of the Lord. There are those that are traitors. Let them repent lest
the Lord reject them for this work shall go on and the purpose of the Lord accomplished.

5 Contend with no man, only for the truth. Remember the Lord Jesus who intercedes to the Father for mankind
that he shall draw all who will come unto life eternal.

6 Repent ye that have erred and ye that are not right before God, for the church work is holy and it must be
carried on under the just plan of the Lord. Let no contention come among you; they that contendeth against the
word of the Lord contendeth selfishly to their woe. Let all ye servants be as one and great things shall come to
pass that shall awaken many and hosts shall gather to learn the will of the Lord.

7 To the servants of the Lord: Do as I have bid you. Let the twelve counsel together much and consider this
great work and the Spirit of the Lord shall abide with you to enlighten the way, for in principle, justice and
righteousness shall ye consider the way. The Spirit of the Lord shall fill your souls with joy, and with a
conqueror’s tread shall the work go on. With your faith ye will accomplish. It shall be done.

8 Let the bishops counsel together much. Be kind and humble that ye may understand the ways and needs of
the people. Let all be saving that more might go to the field.

9 Let all pray much that when the evil powers arise, they shall not harm the work of the Lord. As ye labor, labor
in love. As one, stand together and the powers of darkness shall fade before you. Be kind to all men. Be ye

10 Make your preparations that the gospel may soon be preached in Norway, for this is an opportune time to
take the message to that humble nation.

11 Let more set their homes in order that they may go to the fields and labor. Hasten, arise, go forth in faith;
your mission is one of love.

12 I have come as the Messenger of the Lord. I speak his will and my name is John. I shall come again to
instruct in this work, for so is the will of the Lord. Amen.”

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